The Europa League Thread





Fair play, making no mistake and profiting off of other teams mistakes has worked very well for them and they are the best defence in the planet.

Simeone has done an incredible job and Atletico add another Europa league to their trophy cabinet


That is absolutely insane


Bus or no fucking bus for defence
An open top bus parade around Islington is the only bus I’m interested in .


If Simeone is your manager it’s better to check the result after the game instead of watching


Looool :arteta:


I’m not gonna pretend I watched that game, I didn’t. But I gave zero shits when George Graham was winning us cups and European trophies with 1-0s and I’d give no shits now if Simeone was here doing the same.

Winning a European final 3-0 and people saying they were lucky. :smile:


Winning football


Go and support Mourinho, then :wink:


Simeone is lucky he has WC players who can play shit, but still win him the things. Image him at Stoke :rofl:


Mourinho isn’t winning football though?


Arteta would win this cannon fodder competetion no doubt. Argentinian Tony Pulis would have no chance.


“Argentinian Tony Pulis” lolllllllll :arteta:


Boring football. I am for a good mix between defensive and attacking football. I need some joy when watching the games, not falling asleep on my sofa.


This, football isn’t about watching a bunch of clearances and blocks all game, it’s supposed to be a beautiful game


I love football too much to watch a side managed by Simeone.


Image having a side managed by Simeone and with Klaim and Alli on the pitch :gabriel:


Comparing him to Pulis? Oh please. Simeone is a great tactician and a fantastic motivator. Laziness would not be tolerated under him, that’s for sure.

While I love a bit of Wengerball, I wish we were hard to break down sometimes. Defensive masterclasses are under rated.

Fancy me some of this


Easy to play the “park the bus” style with Koke, Saul, Correa, Griezmann and Costa.