The Europa League Thread


Just kidding. Relax :xhaka:


A deserved European Trophy for Simeone after coming so close twice in the CL.


Almost 3-0 to Atletico.
Should at least trying to kick fucking Atletico off the park.


This is pretty much/exactly what happens already though, right?


Worst final ever. Two crap teams.


2 in a row.

Last season’s was horseshit.


Speechless. Atletico are fucking lucky. Thought it was going in.


Yeah ok Atletico are crap, in the last 5 years 2 CL finals, La Liga Title, Europa League Title & Finishing above Real in the league again this season.


Crap as style of play. Christ! Can i say it without you defending your beloved Simeone? :smile:


Bookie’s favourite in winning competition shocker.


Hope no more shit of the Champions League teams dropping in the Europa League. Fucking farce! They are 2 different competitions FFS!
Simeone is drunk.
3-0 Gabi. So so undeserved.


3-0 brilliant Atletico, people call refusing to concede a crap style lol.


Good defending :grinning:


I wouldn’t mind Atletico’s style if it got us to 5 European finals in 9 years.



Atletico completely controlled that second half, result was never in doubt.


No chance to win the Europa League next season with fucking Arteta in charge.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Simeone ,
The man is a winner .
I’d swap 6th fucking place for the Europa Cup any day of the week .
You wouldn’t see his teams getting thumped .
Let’s face the hard truth. Losing 10-2 over two legs is fucking atrocious. We moved to the Emirates to compete with the ‘big’ teams , not get annihilated by them .


We nearly won it with a past it Wenger. Arteta could easily win it.


No chance, imo. Too inexperienced.