The Europa League Thread


Even though they’d get buckets of money I don’t think they’ll hold it on Dubai or the likes. They have to keep the member Nations happy with shit like this.


August? It should be easier next season though.


Can’t wait to play some fucking boozers from Slovakia, Slovenia and Malta again. FFS cuntish Simeone and fucking UEFA that didn’t allow us to play Auba here.

The teams here :expressionless:


For fucks sake. There is a good chance Chelsea will be in the Europa League too next season. Forgot about them.


Maybe they are not gonna care, but you see now why i was worried :wink:


We seem to knock them out of cup competitions lately, so hopefully that will continue.


With Conte and Wenger gone I’m not sure if that’ll continue haha. Fingers crossed!



expect a group like this one. Fuck off, fucking fuck off! :gabriel:


Luca can you not just relax and enjoy the summer lol.


Salzberg were absolutely robbed. Marseille player took a shot from outside the box and hit another Marseille body before going out, but the ref gave a corner instead and they subsequently scored. At least 2 officials had a clear view of the action but proceeded to give a corner anyway.


I’m amazed you care about that :slight_smile:


Glad it made you contribute to the thread.



Let’s try to win it next season again with a competent manager, hopefully Atletico don’t go losing to fucking Azerbaijani teams this time ffs


No, i am still fuming after yesteday and for the future ahead.


The only silver lining for me about getting knocked out is, originally I was going to do a European trip for a month in May and was going to do everything and pay everything I needed to go to the Europa League Final. Due to circumstances the trip isn’t getting done yet and that part of it would have annoyed me if we won the Europa League. Let it be known though I’d still rather us be in the final haha.


Interesting stuff that about the dosh posted above.

I used to think this competition was utter bollocks ( :joy:) but I must admit that the journey was really fun until ya know, Madrid. Looking forward to next season where I hope we can go all the way and finally win one of Europe’s big prizes. :sunglasses:


Chelsea will be in it. That will be interesting. If Wenger was still manager also very bad for our chances.


I’m surprised we got so much money but we also had to knock tickets down 10% or so purely because we were in this second rate competition.


A big reason for the money being so high is the market pool money for the English teams was shared between just two rather than the usual three clubs this season and, from the knockout rounds, was exclusively ours. We won’t earn as much next season.


if we got allegri and they get Sarri, I rate our chances lol.

but the state of play in the PL really depends on the summer all the teams have.