The Europa League Thread


You’re just angry cause I got my cake and get to eat it too.


Nah you’d already made up your mind that Wenger would stay if we won the EL. You were wrong. Apologise. :sunglasses:


Ah no doubt. I was totally wrong and glad to have been so!!!


You must be ecstatic to see Giroud and Wenger leave within months of each other :smile:


Absolutely buzzing my asian English friend!


Nah. You just confirmed with that how much of an incredible smug you are.


Marseille up against Salzburg.


Who is this ref?! He’s been class. Takes no shit and has the bottle for the big decisions! Can he ref every game?!


Fucking Atleti players crying on the floor everytime now, pussies.


Yeah, very good. Atletico been crying for cards all the half.


Clement Turpin. He’s Arsene’s illegitimate child.


We’ve played great imo. Just need a goal!!

Ospina class tonight aswell OSPINAAAAAAA!!


His name is God, translated to Clement Turpin. He’s also a jurist, so you could say that he fights crime on and off the pitch. :sunglasses:


He is going to be at the World Cup. Hope we don’t get him. Dele Alli will be off after 5 minutes for two dives.


how are these fucking commentators saying the 2nd fucking tackle wasnt a second yellow…utter shit, he left his fucking foot in on laca on his ankle.


Mav what are you watching on? Everyone on BT saying it was a red.


some fucking american channel with some american twat saying it was soft and never should have been given…think it is fox


2-0 Marseille




DIsatrous. Grizeman such a tool. Would have been worth it to see him get decked with the dickish celebration