The Europa League Thread


At least we’d have a new manager.
Even Wenger and Kroenke couldn’t dress that up into anything other than a complete failure.
It would be too embarrassing for both of them if between them they decided to let Wenger carry on dragging us down.


Ah OK. I thought the 6th place team usually had to qualify – didn’t realise they took the FA Cup winner’s place in the group stage. It’s not something i’ve had to take notice of before, lol.

Ah well, that’s good for us. I’m still confident we’ll finish above Burnley. But just to clarify, we’re all ruling out Southampton as FA Cup champions, yeah? :laughing:


It could happen…


Normally I would say they had a chance, but they have just appointed Mark Hughes, the biggest managerial loser in the PL.
Taking down two of the three relegated clubs from the PL into the Championship, in the same season, is some achievement


Europa League qualifiers will be more interesting than the pointless friendlies we’d have instead. We can pretend our 6 new signings are getting bedded in with competitive games.


Good PR


Seems that this is becoming a bit of trend in European football, right?


Yeah, I think it’s embarrassing for top clubs to do it. They have enough money to afford reasonably cheap tickets for away supporters.

If a smaller club does it against a big one that’s kinda understandable the big club should subsidise their fans


Shame about Atletico charging our fans so much.


Such a shit decision to subsidise. This is the reason we will never be able to afford multiple high transfer value players. Wasting money when it can be added to our transfer budget.

Hopefully by charging Spanish fans


How do Atletico win a La Liga in the last 4 years and make 2 CL finals charging those miniscule prices to their fans ? Though don’t deserve to watch the football they have.


That’s why I am pissed Arsenal is subsidising the ticket prices.
They completely deserve to charge those 80 pounds and more.


I’m glad they’re subsidising but it also means clubs are going to overcharge English fans again next season. Need a twentys plenty campaign for Europe I guess…


Better to face Atletico over 2 legs than in a single game. Bring them in!


Hope we in this now for Big Weng but I doubt it now.

Was relying on the Big Weng super Saiyan mode that usually arrives when his job is threatened.

But now he’s leaving that won’t be coming.

Sorry to be a downer but that’s how I feel.


The players should give everything for him now, tbh.


The players need correct tactics to be able to win this. Sentiment wont do. Its top level opposition ffs.


So hope we win it now so Wenger can go off on a massive high


Fuck off. And @Aboucuellar too.


It won’t hurt.