The Europa League Thread


So can we use Auba and Laca when he is up and running for the next set of games ??


Laca yes, Auba no – he is ineligible for the entire competition


Okay cool :+1:t5:


That’s like 20th time I saw Phoebica type it out and she is polite enough to keep answering



Agree 3 of the teams are clear favourites but Marseille vs Leipzig is 50-50 IMO.


Does CSKA have a plastic pitch?


That yellow away kit :star_struck:


If we dont get a good result at home we won’t be going through


I think we can get a result in Russia, United won 4-1 at CSKA, pretty sure Basel and Lyon did also.


Much better Arsenal teams than this have badly struggled to get anything in eastern Europe


Yeah but now they have a strong hunger index that wasnt really mentioned back then.



Hope we get to see an episode of Arsenal fan TV filmed outside the Kremlin. Think Putin might actually have some fucking sympathy with this country if he sees what we have to put up with.


No disrespect meant too Lyon, but if Arsenal can’t get past a club who has Pontus Wernblom and Ahmed Musa as their starting players…than what do we do it all for?


Atletico already up with Koke. Big cock up at the back for Sporting.

Lazio up as well. Nice move.

Salzburg equalize thanks to a penalty.

2-0 Griezmann. Another mistake for Sporting’s defence.

Big miss from Milinkovic-Savic here!
Red Bull up right at the end of the half. Werner.

Red Bull and Atletico up at HT, while Lazio draw.


It’s Emil Forsberg that we were linked with on and off for a while making the run and the assist pass there (though slightly too heavy perhaps).


Almost 3-0 to Atletico. Diego Costa completely bottles it 1 vs. 1 with the keeper!
Parolo! 2-1 Lazio!

2-2 Salzburg! They are a nice team.

What a game in Rome! 3-2 Lazio now!

4-2 Immobile! Cracking!

Atletico, Lazio and Leipzig all win.


Atletico, Arsenal, Lazio & Leipzig would be a quality final 4 to have for the Europa League.


Think Marseille could do something in the 2nd leg, 1-0 is close for them, away from home as well. But yeah, that is a level of the old UEFA cup semifinals and quarter finals etc.

Also, maybe I’m being harsh but Atletico should have scored more than 2 at home against that Sporting Lisbon team.