The Conservative Party

Utter scum.


Still waiting on her getting her comeuppance for the PPE fraud



Privately educated, friend of the Government, from an upper class background?
She’ll face no further questions over her fraud.

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What an insult to Escobar, being compared to someone who abused her position as an elected MP and got millions during a pandemic from the tax payer, then went on to brag about it in the media.

There’s not much difference between these criminals, he’s a drug baron and she’s a corrupt baroness.


What snowflakes these Tories are, you catch them doing a fraud and they immediately switch to “I’m the victim here”.

I hope these are the last months of Tory rule I’ll ever be alive for. None of the other parties excite me, but I’m sure whoever runs the country next won’t be as morally and legally corrupt as this lot.

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She looks like an extra on ‘Chicken Run’ :rofl::rofl::rofl: despicable ho !?

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Imagine her and Ed Miliband having a kid. :eyes: Or indeed, Rishi Sunak.

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Another great bit of journalism.

The Tory party deserve a generation out of power for their hatred of young aspirational people.

They hate workers, they hate people that put effort in. They like unproductive asset hoarders that just sit back and take easy income via subsidies and value raising.

I think this also a simple case of being when you was born, David Cameron and George Osborne’s Austerity came in when I was 16. I’m 29 now. First impressions are important, but so are lasting impressions. It’s been shit. They dismantled almost any good thing the last labour government (Which before anyone starts, yes had it’s mistakes) had in place (EMA, means-tested stuff everywhere making it harder for the disabled). Bumbled over almost everything and left nothing in place.

Even if you believe in Conservatism they’ve hardly offered much of that either at least to a level of ideological coherence. Massive wastes of money everywhere. Just some vampiric party with it’s teeth on the political system.

Ha!The Canadian flat line in that graph. The ‘Fuck Trudeau’ and free-dumb brigade notwithstanding, there’s little surprise to that graphic. Wankers like Pierre Polievre (PC leader) and douchebag provincial premiers like Alberta’s Danielle Smith, Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe, Onrario’s Doug Ford, plus New Bunswick’s Blaine Higgs, will really keep that line low.

Fans of Alan Partridge are advised to check out “Rishi’s Peoples Forum” on Gammo…I mean GB News from last night.

I stand by my prediction that this will be the funniest General Election ever. Two middle aged men, one job, zero gravitas with real people*.

*Last night’s crowd were GB News viewers and/or drunk thugs with criminal records (yes really).

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Well done to everyone involved.

May you spend generations on the sidelines you shit good for nothing pathetic vile parasites.


This is similar to when Thatcher was PM and the government was blatantly looking after the rich by cutting income tax for the wealthy and bringing in VAT.

There was mass unemployment, high interest rates, no minimum wage and the utility companies were sold on the cheap to foreign investors.
She would then brag that we had low inflation, completely ignoring the reason was most working class people had very little money.

The irony was, despite all this, it was the working class that continually voted her in.


To be honest, there’s so little difference between Labour and the Tories now that more tax for ordinary people and tax breaks for big business are pretty much inevitable.

I look forward to the first time it comes out a Labour minister has given his unqualified mate’s haulage firm a huge contract to produce medical equipment or something similar.


Based on their reasoning for dropping the Green pledge that we’re broke (weren’t we broke before anyway?). I’m expecting more Labour u-turns.

don’t worry, brexit will start to pay off any day now

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