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Are you homophobic since you are an advocate for transitioning confused people? A lot of whom are autistic girls, butch future lesbians and fem gay boys who are grappling coming to terms with being gay

What the actual fuck are you talking about?

I’m an advocate for bodily autonomy and as far as transitioning goes I’ve stated on here on many occasions that I think it’s probably something best decided upon once someone is an adult.

Now, would you like to answer my question?

You took the bait like the idiot you are. The point of my question was to show how ridiculous your question was. I’m a immigrant myself but I do understand when something is to much and can impact myself negatively. Unlike you I have vested interest in the future of this country for myself and kids. I want them to be able to get a good job and be able to buy a home for themselves. And a culture that is ok with peoples differences because last time I checked the some of the boat people are not to fond of blacks and gays

That’s not an answer to my question.

Any time you want to give a direct answer that’d be great. It’s not about what happened in the past. Are you for any form of immigration now?

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I gave you my answer if you don’t want to accept it then that’s a you issue. Have a nice day

You absolutely didnt. As per usual.

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I have had this conversation on immigration many many times on the forum. If you have missed my stance then that’s unfortunate as I hate repeating myself

You’ve never declared outright support or opposition to any form of immigration apart from illegal immigration.

Here is your opportunity to set the record straight. Let’s hear it.

Sorry Ryaninho is not here at the moment leave your name and question and I’ll get back to you (maybe). Have a nice day, touch grass and stopping eating crayons

I personally want to reduce all forms of immigration, and make those that here begin to integrate like how my family did. My stance is if you come to England you came because it’s England and not where you came from.


Thank you for a straight answer.

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Sunak is :finland: if he doesn’t release it now. As he’ll look like he is hiding something.

Johnson like if I am dead you are coming to :joy:

So they’re taking this to the courts.
This is either a badly advised decision to not look weak or Downing Street/the PM has something to hide.
Johnson is far from an idiot and knows his political career is over, he won’t care if the Tories loose the election next year.


What a shit show


These are things I actually don’t mind my tax going towards.

Some poor disabled sods, who we should be grateful we don’t have the challenges they do, and at least we can go ensure they are least don’t have to worry about money (well relatively)

What I object my tax going towards is that cunt Mones new Yacht, or other corrupt dealings, where money is blatantly stolen to then not provide the service it was meant to.


And yet Labour sit meekly on the sidelines. In fact it feels like the more they do, Starmer smirks quietly and rubs his hands with glee because of the opinion polls.
How about being leader of the opposition and like oppose and stand up with a policy of hope for these people.


The state of Universal Credit and food banks has been normalised. David Cameron/Theresa May have succeeded on that front.

I’m not really a radical or a picky guy. I’m not asking a lot from Labour. But scrapping UC and putting in a better system is one of them. But Keir is a fan of promising one thing and abandoning it the next.


Now compare the amount spent on out of work benefits to the amount spent on benefits for people who are in work.

That won’t happen though cos The Telegraph wants people to think they’re subsidising the “lifestyles” of lazy, work shy, pretending to be disabled cunts, rather than realising that what they’re actually funding to a greater extent is a bunch of employers who don’t pay their workers enough to live on.

If the concern was principled and genuinely about welfare spending being too high, you’d see Tories and the right wing media highlighting this issue and demanding that corporations and employers stop exploiting workers and forcing the taxpayers to foot the bill. But that doesn’t happen, they only want to whip people up into a rage about their taxes being spent on benefits when they can scapegoat the poor and disadvantaged.


What are the numbers on employees who work the minimum amount to ensure that they remain in the benefit system because working more would mean that they forfeit benefits for only marginally better income. (I don’t know the numbers on this and not sure how one would begin to find out but I know of several people doing this who have children at my nephews school). IMO the whole system currently is flawed and exploited by both employers and general public - don’t know the solution but the current situation is unsustainable.