The Community Shield

ITV right now btw

Is Wembley not full capacity?

I think it’s more the case of City failing to sell out their section haha. Leicester end looks pretty full, but maybe it’s still capped at 80% or so

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Commentator just said there isn’t an attendance cap its just not sold out :joy:

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What a shit camera angle !

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Liam delap still injured? Damn it. Him and palmer look like good upcoming players.

Those kit selections, fucking hell, how dumb can you be to not see this is confusing?

I dont see an issue? Blue and white vs white and green haha


It’s like they did it on purpose. :rofl:

Leicester’s best team can’t dispatch City’s mixture of backup and youth. :rofl:

20k tickets sold out of an allocation of 27k, someone at work told me.

Tickets were only £20, too!

Ahhh Vardy hits the beans!

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How did Vardy miss that?!

Good save though.

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Actually it was tbf

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Steffen is really good. Always impressive when used.

First tantrum of the season. Another £150m on Kane is needed before he’ll consider them ready to challenge for the title

Remember that time Wenger got sent off for kicking a bottle?

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We can get points off City for sure

I think Whiskey Breath has as well, when Man United won at Newcastle in 2003.

We need at least one point off them, else we continue this horrendous league game losing streak against them (8 consecutive losses? I don’t think any “big” club can boast that sort of statistic against any team at any point in history)

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