The Collection Thread

Thought I would ask as I’m a pretty nosey person, Is there anything that you collect?

for example, any kind of memorabilia

I collect old wrestling and football t shirts/shirts. So I’ve got quite a deep collection of old wrestling t shirts and about 30 odd football shirts from the 90s.

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Ticket Stubbs from concerts. They’ve become too generic now though and most are becoming e tickets. Saddens me a bit tbh.

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Wife accuses me of being a hoarder (I prefer collector) of keyboards. In chronological order, a Micromoog, a little Yamaha of some sort, a Roland E38, a Korg i30, a Korg Pa1xPro, and a Korg Pa3x. Boys and their toys, I suppose. :slight_smile:


What’s your favourite wrestling t-shirt, mate?

I’m gonna say something a bit unique. NWO, but nWo wolfpac?

the keyboard post reminded me of school in music lessons, we had a keyboard that had loads of weird little buttons on, one just said dj and another one made a strange orgasm sound

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Probably this one mate


Nice :sunglasses:

eddie guerrero had some nice classic ones

‘I’m your Papi!’

and the latino heat t shirt

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A couple of years ago I started a building up a board game collection. I think I’m at something like 55 without expansions, will probably stop soonish

the little boxes have the smaller ones


That’s epic. Nice work!

Nice shelfing etiquette too!

yeah you don’t want to get board of it


Noooo, don’t

I’m coming to your house for Christmas

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this was it

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I was going to buy a board game at the weekend but Craigie seems to have the monopoly there

I collect the souls of my enemies once I’ve defeated them in battle. I don’t even value them tbh, just leave them lying around in the shed.


That’s usually how packaging works.


Jakey in being a knob again shocker :pires1: