The Champions League Thread


Outside of spurs fans can you imagine any of those teams fans having this conversation over us in the Europa draw Friday morning.:joy::joy::joy:(hopefully)


Ajax to beat City? No chance. The others 2 yeah.



Holy shit I didn’t even realise I hate every fuckijg team there to win it except Ajax.


Absolute scenes if Porto and Ajax are drawn together


I hope so. Best chance for either team to go to the semi-finals.



Speaking of draws, what time tomorrow?


11am UK time with the Europa an hour later


Would the powers that be allow it?


Ajax in the semis could as well go all the way then. Something about momentum. Leicester winning the league. 1995.


WOW, the guy who made the video is a Spurs fan surely.


The draw LIVE


Do they always draw the semi finals along with the quarter finals or is that a new thing?


Quarter Finals

Ajax vs Juventus
Liverpool vs Porto
Sp*rs vs City
Barca vs United

Semi Finals

Sp*rs or City vs Ajax or Juventus
Liverpool or Porto vs Barca or United




Liverpool get Porto. Fuck you Julio Cesar!


Very satisfied with the draw. The semifinalists will be City, Liverpool, Barcelona and Juventus. Juicy as feck ! :giroud3:


Yes Juventus v Barcelona final is on!


Tottenham and United fucked, good!


Draw in full?