The Champions League Thread


they struggle getting it through in the final third. Liverpool are better and have had several great chances but Napoli are close as well, they’ve just been a better first touch away a couple of times.


Having their chances tbh. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did.


NLD in Europe would be immense. I want it to happen.


Keita, how has he been for Liverpool? I only ever see him coming from the bench. Thought he was supposed to be this amazing player.


Spurs score for fuck sake


Barca. Don’t . Keep. Clean. Sheets


That goal was just so inevitable. Inter need to find something


Messi. Do it for us.


Kane is killing it. He’s so good in developing the attacking play


His rate of development is quite impressive.

He’s more than a goal scorer and that’s crazy because he’s one of the very best in the world.


Spaletti should be sacked. No doubt about it.


How did Martinez miss that? Fuck sake


True, the players should be ashamed too.

Where’s their pride as professionals?


Inter are a fucking joke. PSV were out lol


Manè is a fucking horrendous finsher

What a save from Alisson though. Incredible


How are both of these shitty teams through?! FFS

Liverpool are gonna get found out. Spurs are gonna get slaughtered


Liverpool are anything but shit haha the best team in the league this season


I know the league doesn’t lie and all that, but it’s a very big and confident shout to say that Liverpool are better than Man City


Very neck and neck between them but as it stands today I think Liverpool have been better so far :slightly_smiling_face:


Inter Milan.

What a fucking useless club.

Hope we spank those frauds now.

Inter fucking Merda.