The Champions League Thread


Madness from Onana :confused:


That is an outrageous decision! Nobody near him. Do none of the 18 officials around the pitch have eyes?


Shocking lol


1-0 Bayern, 2-0 Lyon and 1-0 Benfica.

1-0 Bayern

1-0 Benfica. @Bl1nk, WTF WAS THAT!? :bellerin:

2-0 Lyon

Juventus hit the post! They are starting to dominate now.

3-0 Real and game over.

4-0 Real ahahah!

Bayern, Benfica, Lyon, City and Real up at HT, while Juventus draw against a shitty United side.


Raheem Sterling :rofl: and the refs :rofl::rofl::rofl:


City being rampant. 3-0.

What a shot from Dybala! He hits the bar. United are lucky to be still 0-0.


The Sterling penalty decision is one of the worst I’ve seen in 20 years of following the sport :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


But we don’t need var :arteta:


I do agree. VAR is better than car.


Fuck me CR7, insane finish


Quite a golazo!

1-1 Ajax

2-1 Hoffenheim

Another chance for Juventus. Mourinho is a fool if he thinks this style of play is acceptable at United.
Another penalty to City. 4-0.

2-0 Bayern and 5-0 Real.

2-0 Bayern

5-0 Real


Fuck another special from Cristiano Ronaldo, cop that United.


Nice of Ronaldo to show us his six-pack after scoring, just in case his goal wasn’t enough for us to masterbate over.


How the fuck is he booking Dybala there? Giving him a yellow and the free kick?


In case you need a little something to take you all the way.


5-0 City :xhaka:

Fucking cunts. Totally undeserved. 1-1.


Allegri pussied hard.


Poor from Woj there.


Totally undeserved.

Poor from Woj again


I don’t see him at fault there.

He doesn’t know where it’s going because he had no idea who’s taking the shot.

He’s at fault for the second though.