The Champions League Thread


Lol no chance! Spurs are not interested in this competition.


Don’t know if this has already been posted but lololol


I agree except for Spurs and United. I’m not sure Internazionale and Valencia are good enough to topple them. Not one team we should fear btw.


Why? Everyone at least has the odd chance of going all the way in UCL. Liverpool almost did it and it did wonders for them in the eyes of the world.
Plus, they have a great squad.




Dunno, don’t they every so often treat the UEFA award as a pity award bc none else other than Cristiano and Messi touch Ballon D’Or?


When a player out performs Messi or Ronaldo, they’ll win it. So far no player has in recent years.


So CR7 wasn’t in Monaco because he expected to win the prize for the best Champions League player in the 2017/1018 season. Fucking drama queen.


This wouldn’t bother me as much as the idea of staging league games in America does. It’s a European competition so should be held in Europe, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world – no one would lose their home advantage.


Oh just Fuck off America.


Racist…ban hammer impending :henry2:


I actually don’t think it’s a completely tragic idea. I mean the European final is normally held in a neutral overseas stadium and half the tickets end up with corporate types anyway. Next May we’ll have to travel to the magical city of winds for our European final which probably isn’t that much closer than New York is.


Yea as long as they don’t fuck around with the kick off time I don’t much care about this.


Just another example of the sport being ruined and nowhere near as good as what it was some 20 years ago when I started following it.


If America wants football then make your own league better instead of trying to leach onto European competitions.


The USA doesn’t want to take European football, Europe wants to give it to the USA (for a handsome price).

At least that’s my general impression of all this recent European football in the USA stuff. Pretty much the same impression I get with all the NFL in London stuff too.


Instead of regulating this nonsense, UEFA want a piece of the pie, unfortunately.


I’m not being funny here but why would it make any difference whatsoever to an Australian that a European final would be played in America?


Just principle that I disagree with, irrespective of where you live that remains the same, I’d have the exact same view if the MCG was hosting the CL final.


Exactly. It’s the UEFA Champions League, not the MLS Champions League FFS!