The Champions League Thread


Don’t care let me laugh at them ffs!



@Phoebica beat me to it, but that’s the hipsters group innit.


No chance for Inter to qualify if they don’t improve quickly. Have you watched them in these first 2 Serie A games?


Yeah they’ve not looked good. That prediction was just wishful thinking really. But they have some great players so if they can quickly get their shit together then you never know.

Having said that, i’m not sure Spurs dropping down into the EL is really something I should be wishing for :thinking:


Is group D the most boring CL group of all time?


Nah…they don’t give a fuck about this trophy. “We aim for the Champions League and the Premier League” said Pocho :wink:


Bad news for Inter they are straight to the Europa League with us in Feb.


You calling me a hipster?



Rather I think they are evenly matched albeit poor in quality.


The most Europa Leaguey CL Group ever haha


Yea. Sounds boring to me.




I stayed during Klopp’s final year and after. I stayed after Thomas left. I stayed during the Peter dee and Peter dum season. I ain’t no hipster. :jakey:



Spirs might even top their group tbh. No way they’ll finish 3rd.


What are the odds on Shaqiri being left at home for Liverpool’s trip to Red Star?

Though I hope not. Imagine the scenes of him doing the Albanian eagle celebration in a packed out stadium in Belgrade?! Man won’t make it home alive! :see_no_evil:


Not sure how Modric won player of the year but okay


Don’t wont spurs in the Europa league the jammy fuckers would win it before we did. Would rather they progress out the group stage an get knocked out in the last 16


If PSG miss out again with Neymar and Mbappe in the team after a year of experience with them then they really need to question what they are doing wrong.
Plus, dunno if Tuchel was the right choice anyway.


I think PSG will definitely get past the rd 16 this year, Tuchel should be good enough to at least get this squad past that point.