The Champions League Thread


So is everyone else’s fault?




That tweet lied to me.





Ibra doesn’t have a blue tick so it’s fake haha




Just don’t behave like a prick and no one is gonna complain.


UEFA have slightly changed the branding for the new contact from 2018/21


The preliminary round has started today with the 2 semifinals:



4 teams that will never play in the competition.


Some of the names with more chance of CL qualification than us :syringe:


Lol yeah! Just letting you know :smile:


Shut up you shrimp on the Barbie boy!!!


Have you got one of those % charts to back this up?

Edit: i’m also pretty certain I googled who the fuck the red imps were last season too. :joy:


They’ll be getting knocked out of the EL next week too when they face the mighty Druids.


I’m going to be sorely disappointed if some of the players don’t have WoW nicknames on their shirts, like Balthazaar or Mortaldream etc. Instead of Terry or Barry.


Drita qualify to the first qualifying round by beating Lincoln 4-1.