The Champions League Thread


Chiellini fuck me

If Juve make it through these next 15 or so mins, they will have the mental edge surely.

Buffon been amazing tonight, playing like it’s the early 2000s again.

Juve only need 1 more even if Real Madrid score 1 right?


Wouldn’t be so sure, this is Madrid we’re talking about, you wouldn’t be surprised to see them buy a pair of centre halves in the summer with a snap of the finger.


Omg Vidal is actually watching the Juve game on his phone :joy:


This game is boring as fuck tbf. :joy: Wish I was watching the Bayern that demolished BVB.


Alderweireld would be a good pick up for anyone and cheapish too.


Ronaldo should’ve scored then


De Sciglio would have got bitched there and let CR7 score.

I feel bad constantly roasting him but the agenda is there lol.


Ronaldo being a poor’s man Welbeck today.


If Juve get this done coupled with the fact Roma beat Barca it would be a true revival of Serie A.


Juventus looking tired here, no way will they survive extra time


SerieA reversal of the king.


Hope so! C’mon Real!


whatever happens, Liverpool have been the most impressive team in the tournament in terms of results so far tbh.

Still unbeaten…


No need for such drastic measures, I can produce the same effect.

If Juventus win the champions league you will be permanently banned.


You’ve always hated him :bellerin:


What a surprise. I know you hate me.


Penalty Real.

93rd minute…

Buffon off. Szezza to be the hero.






I knew it.