The Champions League Thread


Adiós Bale.

No way he’s staying there


Where can he go? Swap deal with Hazard?




United. They don’t have any combination play anyways so it suits him.


Old, over priced star name?

I hope he enjoys his time at United


Bye bye, Sterling?


Remember when he was 19 and bursting on the scene? He looks 38 there FFS


Sven’s gonna do a madness. Welbeck for Bale.


Bye bye, Iwobi.


Tbh I’m not even sure United is going to be in for him. Florentino has been filtering stories to the press like mad like he was with James which means that he’s nervous about the lack of suitors.


Bale will always remind me of this :arteta:


Just hope he doesn’t go back to Spurs.


Rafinha saved Bayern couple times tonight.


Wouldn’t be too bothered, he’s not half the player he once was.


Oh fuck off Carvajal. Diving cunt.


He has a condition! (also tbf, he doesn’t look like that now)


Man United seem the obvious choice I’m really not sure. He hasn’t recovered from all his injuries and it’s got the stage where it’s clearly affecting his performances when fully fit.

Depending on the price I think lots of teams will avoid him.


Good chance he’s off but if Zidane doesn’t win CL this season coupled with poor league campaign he could be out the door.

Because it’s Zidane they might lay off him but wouldn’t be surprised if they shit can him either.


all big teams in europe flawed AF, makes this CL really interesting.

Madrid on paper still the best and favourites though.


I have a feeling Zidane may be staying. Him and Perez get on well so I’m inclined to think he’ll get another chance (sounds silly saying this considering everything he has won).

But yeah, Zidane staying would be the end for Bale there