The Champions League Thread


Does he sign a renewal though :thinking:

Contact is up in 2019, with an option to extend!?



Said many times I want Martial but I don’t think we’ve got the money to be signing a player like him and then address CB & GK which really should be the immediate concerns.


N’Zonzi was fantastic. :fire:


Comment that @Trion or @Arsenal4thetreble might’ve signed, btw.

As Álvaro Benito said in the post match Champions League program here, “It [the Premier League being better] is a hoax they try to push on us every year, and a lot of people end up believing it”


Sure but he could wind up getting the sack.

Though unlikely they may not even finish 2nd this season let alone next season, I’m not sure how he’s going to get them playing attractive football as it require wholesale changed form him and just like Wenger I think he’s incapable.

His usual approach of not losing away games against the top teams i.e. drawing and winning most of the other games isn’t enough to win the league in this current climate and the style of play or rather lack thereof is embarrassing.


Sevilla are pretty crap though. SHipped goals vs Atletico and Eibar. Montella is not impressing me so far.

Which is what makes this United performance even worse.


No doubt, I agree.

But United are pretty crap too, this performance isn’t anything different from their league standard. And they’re 2nd, not 5th.


I think Tottenham earned 60m for reaching the last 16 in this seasons Champions League, our ceiling is 40m in the Europa league and it’ll be significantly less if we don’t reach the final.


true. Shows what a great job the marketing bods down at sky and the PL offices do, making so many people swallow that shite.

tells you everything:

Pep with a complete team got a harder time in the Bundesliga and La Liga!


Didn’t Sevilla lose 5-0 at home to Atletico not long ago ? Anyways beautiful to see United knocked out, they have got to many points in the league for my liking so glad they failed in Europe.


Mourinho going full Wenga here! :arteta:


Bayern up at HT against Besiktas.


Cat on the pitch alert :smiley_cat::smile_cat:


I can’t see it :xhaka:


3-1 Bayern FT.

2-0 Bayern

2-1 Besiktas

3-1 Bayern

Look at who is playing @Phoebica :giroud: :xhaka:



Olly G masterclass v Barcelona incoming


For sure :wink:


Hope he has the game of his life tonight.


Fuck Cheatski, tbh :wink:


Hope Barca destroy them.