The Champions League Thread


Spurs goal incoming here I can feel it :neutral_face:


Yeah, they look on their way up again. Son is incredible.


No they don’t.

This match should be 1-3.

Both have played very similar and Spurs play more sexy but not to say they deserved it over Juve.


Llorente for Alli.


Juventus will only fuck it up later so an acceptable result




Stop playing like us ffs Juve.


Poor Spurs, so unlucky.


Better chico :kos2:


Chiellini has been pretty poor but will get the plaudits due to his Hollywood defending.

I say this as the cretinous American commentator on my fox sports stream sing his praises.


Don’t think he’s been poor but rather he’s making up for a poor first half though.


Will be nice to read the “brave valiant ——- come up short” about some other loser club for a change at this stage of the competition :+1::slight_smile:

A great start to what is likely to be not a great week by tomorrow night. But delighted Tottenham won’t be winning the CL, that would be truly sickening


Should have ended at least 3-0 to Tottenham, instead Juventus go through :rofl:. City are through as well.




No. :sunglasses:


Grandee Juve


So I guess that puts to bed the “Spurs are one of the European elite” idea then :sunglasses:

Though they didn’t lose 10-2, so they can take that as a positive


More proof that the Champions League is the elite tactical battleground. Allegri and his experienced charges showed why they’re so highly regarded. Spurs were so good but one or two tactical changes turned the tie in minutes.

You can see why Arsenal get battered so badly in this tournament with how weak Wenger is tactically.


Spurs have done it yet again :joy:


I know, thank god for that.

Grazie Allegri, grazie Andrea, grazie Higuain and grazie Dybala.

Who made that clearance off the line for Kane?

Was it king Andrea? :henry2:

@Phoebica Spurs not European elite confirmed.

Edit lol already mentioned it.