The Champions League Thread


Juventus just parking the bus atm. Meanwhile, City take the lead. Sanè :giroud2:

Juventus look fucking shit. Tottenham on the high atm.
That was a fucking penalty to Tottenham!
Wow Kane! I thought he would have scored here.
Another penalty denied, but to Juventus now.




Impressive from Tottenham here.


Fucking can’t wait for VAR.


Kane spinning Chiellini so far.

Tottenham the better team.

But remember there is a reason Spurs don’t want VAR.
Robots and cameras usually aren’t former Tottenham players, or Tottenham fans.

Also the extra referees at the goal line :arteta:


Yeah, big nose is done.

1-1 Basel


Barzagli is my favourite there anyways. King. Criminally underrated.

Allegri small dicking a bit here.


Barzagli up against Son though, complete mismatch.


Barzagli should be off. Kicked Son in the ankle.


Clear red card to me.


Pathetic by Barzagli. Knew exactly what he was doing standing on Son’s leg like that.


Still my fav tbh

Sorry spurs, Juve are even more loved by refs.

Juve probably should go back to 2 at the back.


Taxi for Barzagli. Son is destroying him.
Son! Deserved. Juventus are done.




1-0 Son




? ?


Lol, what a tackle Barzagli to stop the goal before the goal.

Fully deserved, Son has been wreaking havoc all game, best player in the pitch.


My estimation of Allegri is steadily decreasing here


Your boy Barzagli needs a taxi against Son lol!