The Champions League Thread


Go and support Spurs, then. I will never admit they are better than us.




Lol that’s just retarded delusion, I’m an open minded judge of football and spurs are substantially better than us at the moment.


For 25 years they have lived in our shadow, now, they have the upper hand…It will not be for long, because they are cunts, and they always will be…


Must have been drunk to talk shit like this.


We could yet get outplayed by Östersunds (@oompa) in the same week that Tottenham outplay Juventus :smile:


How can i say good things about a club of thugs and divers? I even prefer United to them.


Fair play. They’re in it and they’ve gone for it all season which is more than we’ve done the past few years.


I bet my house they will finish trophyless and in the Europa League.


Tottenham and city are playing very attractive football. I hope they go through and one of them get to the final.

Hopefully we do the same and win the Europa League and help to restore PL pride.


Ok with City, but Tottenham are too much :mustafi:



Gundogan looks like he had a good night. From the bits i’ve seen he looked really confident. And he scored a bloody great goal.

Man City have so many superstars that he often gets overlooked in conversation (albeit he has been injured) but he is a mighty fine midfielder.

Also, his English is superb :ok_hand:


I hate Spurs so much.

But they looked more comfortable in that competition than we have for fucking years.


Not even Manure provoke me such a big level of hate. They just need to disappear from the fucking world!


Yea, fine, we get it. They’re not going anywhere though Luca so stop making twenty posts about it every time they play.


All the more reason for our players to do the job, and a very convincing job, in Sweden. Man City players now have the luxury of resting players and effectively having abweek long break ahead of the league cup final. We don’t need to be in a dogfight at the Emirates 4 short days before the cup final.


Zimbabwean radio is in extreme praise of these white devils of shit . Our own Botsballtalk (local sports channel) acclaimed a miracle of perseverance .
Why these lies .
The Italians missed many chances,
They defensive so made Spurs look good. Sister dongo say they eat too much feta cheese , yogurt, water melon and makes them tired . I see the 300 film but don’t act like this.
Don’t worry our village elder will send a curse of destruction for Wembley game.
The bark of the Ba Ba tree will burn overnight realizing vapours of justice.


Juve have to win the second leg now realistically.
Still think they should go through. Dybala will be back.

Put Sczcesny in goal ffs.


Save us please or i am gonna beat myself up.