The Champions League Thread


Aurier getting booked and missing the return leg would probably be a blessing for Spurs


Glenn Hoddle is the most biased cunt on TV.


What is he saying? Tottenham the best team ever?

Dybala, Matuidi and Cuadrado should all be back for the return leg though. Big bonus for Juventus.


They can put this with their put the pressure on trophy


Give them a trophy!



@Phoebica, Aurier booked.


Could be sent off at this rate!


These idiots on BT Sport seem to forget Chiellini is a former LB. Completely disrespecting his abilities


Gundogan again. 4-0.


I know Basel are meant to be woefully out of form at the moment but 0-4 at home is fairly ridiculous for a Champion League last 16 match barely 25% through the tie


Golazo! The Citizens are on fire!


Happy for him. Classy, but unlucky player.

Oh Lloris! Great save!


Juventus have woken up a bit now.


This is a very competitive game. I like it.


Bentancur on.


These BT commentators seem to think Bentancur is a defender ffs. The ignorance


Bloody hate Jermaine Jenas doing the commentary. It always sounds like he is saying things that he thinks a commentator should say.


Iā€™m getting really agitated at them insisting Bentancur is a centre back.


Risky Gigi!