The Champions League Thread


1-0 Real

2-0 Real

1-0 Napoli

1-0 Liverpool

1-0 Porto

1-0 Maribor

2-0 Liverpool

3-0 Firmino

1-0 Tottenham

1-0 Besiktas

1-0 Shakhtar

2-0 Shakhtar

1-1 Feyenoord

2-0 Porto

2-0 Tottenham

2-1 Dortmund

3-0 Porto

@Phoebica for you. All the first half goals.


4-0 Liverpool and 2-2 Dortmund!
5-0 :arteta:


Thanks Luca. Just as good as the Goals Show :grin:

Did the 2 players in the Monaco Porto match have a fight? Just noticed they got sent off at the same time.




4-0 Manè

2-2 Aubameyang

5-0 Coutinho

Napoli have given up. So many misplaced passes.


look at Atletico Napoli and Dortmund being utter messes.

Can’t wait till February when they discover their form again.


Hopefully Wenger is gonna play a strong team in that period.


Atletico and Napoli will make it fun to be fair


Monaco pull one back thanks to a penalty.

Porto score another. Monaco are god damn awful.


For the love of god I hope we miss out on Dortmund.

Sick of playing German teams every fucking season. We may aswell join the bundesliga the amount of times we play them!! :sleeping:


Zielinski close with a good shot from just outside the box. It was the first chance for Napoli in the second half.
1-1 Seville.
6-0 Liverpool and 4-2 Monaco.

6-0 Manè

1-1 Seville

4-2 Monaco

3-0 Tottenham

3-2 Real




7-0! Just fuck off Spartak!

1-1 Leipzig

5-2 Porto

1-2 Besiktas

2-1 Feyenoord. Deserved. Napoli have completely given up in the second half.

City pull one back thanks to a penalty.

Porto, Besiktas, City, Shakhtar, Liverpool, Seville, Tottenham and Real are through.


Liverpool have recorded two 7-0 wins in the group stage, when Klopp football is on, it’s well and truly on.


3-2 is a good result, no? :eyes:



You managed to score 2 goals against Real! Wow! :hipster:




Champions League draw about to start. Reckon we’ll see Chelsea draw Barça


They’ll get lucky and draw Besiktas while group winners Man United will get Real Madrid, giving José something else to be mad about :grin:


Live on Eurosport btw

Juve v Tottenham, that’s an interesting draw.