The Champions League Thread


Wow, just realised that Luke Shaw is still alive. He seems to have started well. Hope he gets a chance at another club in January. He needs to get away from United ASAP.

If United want Danny Rose, perhaps Shaw could be part of the deal? I know Spurs fans will turn their noses up at it because they think they’re Real Madrid now, but it could work. Shaw is looking a lot fitter now and he has worked with Poch before.


Dybala trying to play for Olympiakos here and now Szczesny saves.
Wow Bayern! 2-0!

1-0 Juventus at HT. No problem at all for them.
1-0 CSKA.
Roma need to win or they run the risk of getting knocked out.


Benatia booked.
Mbappè pulls one back. Nice move, but Bayern’s defence too static.

1-0 Roma. Finally.

Szczesny has been very good today.
1-0 Atletico! Roma are leading the table atm.

1-0 Barca with Paco.


Saúl! 1-0 Atleti but they’re still heading out. Cheslea need agoal to top the group though.


That defending from Bakayoko in the corner.


Anderlecht lead as well.

Wow! Quick turnaround from United. Lukaku and Rashford. 2-0 Basel as well



2-0 Basel

TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR! :smiley: 3-1 Bayern!

Juventus are just controlling, as Olympiakos are too shit to threaten them.
Chelsea equalize.


Chelsea have scored, dammit. Was hoping they would finish second.


Olympiakos hit the post. Albeit they are fucking shit, they have created something.


Atlético looka a lot better than Arsenal, they definitely will be the strongest rival in the EL.


They still will finish second if it stays like this.


Let’s not start being doom mongers :xhaka:


Ohh yes, for some reason a friend said they just needed to equalise to go top. Don’t think they realise it’s head to head haha


2-0 Bernardeschi. Good goal.

AHAHAHHA! 2-0 agent Mathieu’s own goal.

United, P.S.G, Roma and Barca win the group, while Basel, Bayern, Chelsea and Juventus finish second.


Well you have your wish :grin:

Chelsea need to hope that Liverpool fuck up, because at the moment they have a 66% chance of getting PSG or Barcelona!


We could have some epic Round of 16 ties with the likes of Bayern, Real Madrid, Juve & Chelsea finishing 2nd.


Not many interesting games today. Only Liverpool could risk a bit.


Zielinski on for the injured Insigne.

Rotation for Tottenham.

Guardiola not giving a fuck about the game.


Captain Henderson not trusted in Liverpool’s biggest game of the season. The bench is his level.



Zielinski! Napoli already up!
Penalty to Liverpool. 1-0 Coutinho.