The Champions League Thread


4-1 Mbappè :xhaka:

Juventus-Barca is a good game if you suffer from insomnia.

Sporting score!


WOW, Mbappe almost scored after a super pass by Neymar

Neymar is out here ballin


Lol Luca’s random hate for PSG why?


Just like City. Too strong and buying their way to the glory.




2-0 Sporting. Not looking good for Juventus.

Juventus-Barca’s first half:

Messi warming up :santi2:

Lewa. Always him.

Barca starting to dominate now. Juventus look to have run out of fuel.
God is on the field :sunglasses:
Quite a good game now. Juventus better.
1-1 Anderlecht.

3-0 Sporting.

Griezmann golazo!


Loving how you’ve added videos to your match update game Luca!!


Cheers mate! So they are gonna stop hating on me :wink: :xhaka:


@Luca_from_Italy Officially better than livescore now!

Juventus_Barcs has been pretty dreadful. Barca well on top but not many chances for either team, Juventus definitely need to find a goal though


2-1 Bayern and 5-1 P.S.G.




7-1 PSG…

After the 7-0 vs Barca last year and now this I think Celtic should just retire from European competitions.


FFS! Every game is just a training for P.S.G.! 6-1 Cavani.

7-1! LOL!

2-0 Atletico.


Arsenal fans cant really talk about UCL hammerings tbh… :joy:


1-0 Basel and 3-1 Olympiakos.

Olympiakos’s goal


Superb save by Ter Stegen!

0-0 FT. Flat and dull game. Barca win their group, while Juventus still have to qualify.


It seems Man United were lacking Lucas Perez X factor to be able to achieve anything in Basel




If you figure out how to turn the ones that are links into embedded videos…maybe. :slight_smile:


Bavarians are based.


Looks like we’ll have Dortmund and Atletico joining us in the EL. Hah, I thought we were trying to avoid teams of that quality.


Dortmund are shit.