The Boxing Thread




Had no idea Bellew was facing Usyk.

Props to his bravery, but he’s getting fucked up


Brook is going to sleep Khan.

And I have a horrible feeling that Canelo is going to beat GGG on Saturday.


He’s not going to knock him out, that’s for sure. Not sure I can see him outworking GGG either.


Khan was disappointing but who knows if the plan wasn’t to go the 12 rounds anyway


Khan’s chin is so bad.



@SRCJJ just like you say, this is just tragic


Yeah, this is just sad. The first fight was fucking years too late and shit, no way they’re getting my money for this


Absolutely terrible. On a side note, look forward to what excuse Khan comes up with now to avoid the Brook fight.


If there is an audience for McGregor vs Mayweather people shouldn’t complain about this one imo. Manny is still this active and stuff.


Perhaps the people complaining about this fight also thought that Mayweather vs McGregor was bullshit?

Or perhaps the people complaining about this fight are doing so because they think its unnecessary and bound to be shit, but were curious about Mayweather vs McGregor because they wanted to see a boxing/UFC crossover purely out of curiosity?

I don’t really see what your objection is here to people thinking this fight is bullshit tbh


Both are freak show fights. Same shit, different names. I hope people are as consistent.

The curiosity towards a MMA/Boxing crossover is nonsense. It was a boxing match between an amateur boxer and a professional boxer.


Tbf Mayweather McGregor hadn’t been done before whereas this has.

There’s no novelty factor. Nobody will care about this one anyways


Nah. Boxing and UFC meeting was a freak show. This is not that and I don’t think you’re comparing like for like.

For what it’s worth, I thought that fight was bullshit and I didn’t watch it either, not that this is really relevant to the discussion.


Mayweather/McGregor was at least more competitive than Mayweather/Pacquaio was, and far more entertaining.


Mayweather/McGregor wasn’t even remotely competitive and was basically a sparring match in which Floyd never even bothered to try and operate at a higher gear.


I disagree, it really wasn’t lol


Well we can agree to disagree,


Predictable that Golden Boy would cook the cards.

Golovkin won that 8-4.


Well that was very predictable. The whole thing was set up for a Canelo win. GGG had to knock him out, and he couldn’t.

There was no way the judges would make the same mistake twice.

@SRCJJ Can you remember a title fight where the champion was made to walk in first? That was just odd.