The Boxing Thread


Fury has still not shown anything to prove he is anywhere near the level he was at when he outclassed WK though.



Totally agree with that 100% - its a long way back but his performance against VK in my eyes was one of the best performances I have ever seen from a British heavyweight. Exiting times for boxing in this country at the moment!!


GGG Canelo 2 is on!!! Yassss
Still think the first one was a draw or a narrow GGG win but let’s see what happens this time.


I don’t even think the first one was close to being a draw. Canelo did not do enough to come away with 6 rounds in that fight


I can only see the fight going the same way as the first. Gennady’s chin is simply too good, and once you take away Canelo’s punching power, he’s pretty average.


True tbh, it just depends on whether Golovkin has aged enough…

@SRCJJ agreed, but I seem to remember having a couple rounds as draws.


You’re wrong though, on a round by round basis a draw is reasonable. People seem to think the guy who ‘got the better of it’ should always win but it doesn’t work like that. Canelo hoovered up the early rounds.

Still I usually expect the stronger man to win a rematch, it’s easier for them to adjust.


I’m not wrong though. Canelo didn’t do anywhere near enough on a round by round basis to deserve the draw.

I’m well aware of how boxing scoring works and I can assure you, Canelo did not deserve 6 rounds.


Giving Canelo six rounds would have been extremely generous.


You are and he did

Another mistake many fans make is they give credit to the boxer A who comes forward punches and misses or lands on gloves while the boxer B makes him miss and lands his own punch. It doesn’t even matter if boxer B isn’t hurting boxer A, all that matters is that he outlands him with clean punches in the given round

Boxer B, ie Canelo, was winning rounds on that basis.


He certainly won some rounds, but never enough to get a draw.


I’ve told you already I do not need a breakdown of how scoring in boxing works. I’m very aware of it and I remain very confident that Canelo did not do enough to win 6 rounds in that fight.

So again, you’re wrong and I’m right in this instance.


I went back and watched the whole fight again this morning, because I thought I might be remembering the fight wrong.

Not sure how I scored on the night, but I still had the fight 8-4 in favor of Golovkin.


Yes you do because you score ineffective aggression and ignore cleaning punching. You had GGG winning 4 of the first 6, which clearly shows are completely ignoring whether the punches land or not. Either that or you’re a GGG fan and biased. Claiming GGG ‘won at least 8 rounds’ clearly shows you don’t know how to score a round.

It’s reasonable to have GGG winning 7-5 but nowhere near as wide as you had. A clear case can be made for the draw too. Alvarez winning isn’t reasonable and that 118-110 card was obvious corruption.


Eddie Hearn’s version of events sound quite believable tbh. Lot more than anything out of Wilder’s camp anyway. For sure one of the camps is straight up frauding the fans.


It’s beyond obvious that Hearn didn’t want the fight.


Wilder agreed to less money, and the fight in the UK.

Hearn/Joshua didn’t want it. They’ve didappointed me.

Now got to look forward to some shitty mandatory defense against PEDetkin, which will probably be called off :xhaka:


Usyk as an absolute monster, potential future no.1 P4P surely??

With him and Loma, wtf is in the water in Ukraine?!?!?


CHISORA and Takam all out fucking war amazing heart shown


Parker left it all to the 12th round. Has all the ability but clearly not the mentality for this kind of fight. Can’t understand why he didn’t push the pace against a tired opponent a round or two earlier.