The Boxing Thread


He’s way past it so don’t think he stood much of a chance tbh


Amir Khan stopped Lo Greco inside 40 seconds! :boxing_glove:




Haye’s gonna box smart and right the wrongs in shaa Allah :fire::boom::brain:


I wish Haye would hurry up and retire. Fucking bellend.


Hope Haye wins cannot stand Bellew !!


BIG fight tonight

Got a £5 on each to win but would get more for Bellew. COME ON TONY!!!



That looked easy

What was the bet Calum? Just to win? Or by KO?


I quite like boxing watching shirtless men just smack each other :see_no_evil:




loooooool RIP Haye.


That was very amusing.


Haye got peppered.


Just win :smile:


Terrible performance by Haye. Swinging wildly, no footwork, no defence. Awful and deserved to be retired tonight.


Goes without saying that Lomachenko is so outrageously talented. He’s so gifted it’s ridiculous.


Won 56 quid of that so probably shouldn’t complain, but that was just silly


What do people here think about AJ and DW chances against Fury if he gets back to 100% like he was against VK??

Remember from the old forum there used to be some good bants about boxing. Thoughts people??


Fury would get wiped out by both Wilder and AJ.


Not to be contrite but did you not thing his performance against VK was better than AJ 's one? He made VK look like amateurish and ponderous and he has such freaky speed and footwork for someone that size. I think a fight with AJ would be a cracker but my thoughts are he would wipe the floor with Wilder as would AJ.