The Boxing Thread


Pretty comprehensive really. But Rigo loses no credibility losing to someone as talented as Lomachenko and also someone who is considerably bigger too.


He loses credibility not for losing to Lomachenko, but for the manner in which he lost.


I still don’t think he loses any credibility. When all is said and done, this was a mythical matchup between two guys in completely different weight classes. He thoroughly outclassed him and Rigo had a legitimate hand injury so pulled himself out of the fight.


A chess player would do the same. There was no way for Rigondeaux to win in that situation. IE a smaller pure boxer that couldn’t keep his opponent off him. And before you point to bigger/stronger punchers who don’t quit, they at least have a punchers chance that Rigo didn’t.

@SRCJJ I think you were a bit overly optimistic about a 37yo shorter weaker pure boxer jumping 2 divisions against the calibre of boxer Loma is. I guess that’s where the money was for him though. For an outboxer to beat Loma, they’ll have to be taller, quicker and keep him on the end of a jab.= while having a good inside game. I want to see Crawford-Loma


I was strictly Loma for the longest time but I kept getting a feeling Rigo would do it anyway. Because I felt like Loma would have problems with Rigo - but evidently I was incredibly wrong lol.


We’ll have to agree to disagree then. I thought Riggo was shameful. He gave up the moment the ref deducted a point for holding.


Perhaps you’re right. Maybe I am giving Rigo too much credit and having rewatched the fight, he does appear to have simply given up after realising he was out of the contest.


No break in Rigo’s hand, only bruising.





An incident where the judges aren’t completely corrupt! Yay!



I might go to this fight if I can get tickets.


Good. This is what we wanted.




The Rock announcing canelo ggg. Strange…


probably some under armour marketing thing. Canelo and the rock are both UA athletes.


@SRCJJ Roy Jones goes out with a win in his retirement fight.

Hope he stays retired, some of his recent fights have been painful to sit through for a legend.

‘cant be touched’


He should have retired after Johnson knocked him out. There was no reason for him to continue after that.

Had he retired after that fight he would probably have gone down as a top 5 fighter ever based on pure talent and the fact he became a heavyweight champion.

Damaged his legend because he went from looking invincible to vulnerable from one fight against Ruiz to when he laboured to a win over starved.