The Boxing Thread


looool Wilder fucked shit up last night.


So corrupt.



Fell asleep before the Cotto fight started ffs, but glad to hear he went away swinging.

I hope he stays retired. He has been in some wars and has provided us with some amazing displays.


That’s a face off!


Looks like we’ll be seeing Ortiz Wilder in the new year.


Lomachenko - Rigo tonight. This is the best fight of the year alongside Canelo - GGG in terms of quality of boxers.

Loma is an alien but Rigo is incredible.


Isn’t this the first fight in history featuring two gold medal winners?


Who you got?


I had Loma for a while but the closer the fight gets he more I favour a Rigo. What about you?


Difficult for me to say because the only Rigo fight I’ve watched was Jazza Dickens and he retired after 2 rounds with a broken jaw :confused:


I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that in terms of talent and ability, you’re looking at two of the most gifted fighters to ever live. Whoever wins, I firmly believe they’ve beaten one of the most gifted fighters ever. Certainly up there in any top 20/30 list of talents.


Fuck, Degale just lost his belt


Shouldda had it on tighter and through the loops :stuck_out_tongue:


Want to stay awake, but got an exam on Monday and need to work… :xhaka:


Loma looks on another level so far


Loma whooped that ass. Rigo wouldn’t even come back out sound like he injured his hand…still not the stuff of a champ imo.


Fucking LOL


That’s a pretty sad way to lose your undefeated record. He just gave up.


I feel a little robbed of my sleep tbh.