The Boxing Thread


Bit conspiratorial but I think Paulie is getting a wedge to look a bit shit and build the hype.


I wonder how much filming there was to reach that golden 22 seconds.


McGregor can’t box to the standard required to be a top level boxer. His footwork is poor, his general movement is poor, his combinations are sloppy and he doesn’t compose himself like a boxer. But because I’m going to be tuning into this sham of a fight - I’m trying to rationalise it by convincing myself Floyd doesn’t have legs, his heart isn’t in it and McGregor is a bigger guy. Even though I know that Floyd could probably be 50 and still take McGregor to school.


McGregor is ridiculously out of his depth lol. Im no boxing expert but it’s pretty clear to see this is just a hype fight and nothing more. Would be surprised if McGregor even lands a one clean hit on Floyd.


I have £50 on the Irishman :slight_smile:


Ridiculous waste of money lol


mate you might as well have sent that to me.

Also, neither man in the vid really has their hands up. Paulie looks to be tripped in one of the instances also.

I mean, McGregor can think Floyd will be like that if he wants, but what he will get in reality is this:


I think you, like others, give boxing way too much credit :slight_smile:


They are having a boxing match though :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s still just two men, using their fists. Like I said, way too much credit :slight_smile:


They’ve obviously released heavily edited footage of Connor’s best moment and none of Paulies. Connor has president for this.

Even though he’s on top Connor looks absolutely shockingly poor there too.


Of course, but Malignaggi still looks bad because his version of events regarding the photo were bullshit.


8oz gloves confirmed.


disgrace tbh


There’s too much money in this fight for them to risk alienating either men.




Is the Crawford Indongo fight competitive? Deciding whether I should stay up for it or not. @SRCJJ


It’s actually a good fight. I think Crawford wins the fight but it’s an interesting fight regardless and worth staying up for.


Problem is ref seems to have it in for him