The Betting Thread


Did you see the ride that Barzalona gave Usherette? Fucking awful ride

Sat deep until about a furlong out by which time the favourite had bolted! Fucking useless prick of a jockey


Todays Pick 7
Race 1: 14:30 Royal Ascot
9 Mcerin 6/1

Race 2: 15:05 Royal Ascot
9 Mirage Dancer 9/2

Race 3: 15:20 Ripon
4 Dusty Blue 5/1

Race 4: 15:40 Royal Ascot
8 Mori2/1

Race 5: 16:20 Royal Ascot
1 Big Orange 8/1

Race 6: 17:00 Royal Ascot
3 Tricorn 20/1

Race 7: 17:35 Royal Ascot
2 Sofia’s Rock 9/1

Yesterday was a bit if a mare(no pun etc)
See how we go today…



Yesterday on the Pick 7 i had 1 winner and 3 places

I’m taking on the odds on favourite in the Gold Cup. Dont fancy Order of St George at all (so expect it to romp home by a few lengths lol)

Think Big Orange and Simple Verse both have big shouts. Opted for Big Orange but think its close between him and Simple Verse


Big Orange for me also… Thats jinxed then :pray:
He does do the biz on these occasions though…

Yesterday 1w and 2pl
Tuesday 3w and 1pl.


Done a Lucky 15 to win. I’ve had 3 seconds so far :joy::joy:


Big Orange… Get in


And a 1st?


Yeah and a first but it makes no difference as the others came 2nd

Did have a few quid on Big Orange as a single so for the week I’m just about up


Great Horse…:racehorse: Big Orange


Was driving when the race was on so was listening to Talk Sport who had the race live. They had Rupert Bell commentating who is the brother of the trainer of Big Orange. He was excellent in the commentary


Led more or less all the way round. Glad the line came when it did. Another few steps and he would of been caught


Ollie Bell on ITV is the nephew of winning trainer, got it sewn up…


Today’s pick 7


Ah ffs for the 15:05 race at ascot the horse I had 2.5 e/w on with sky bet finished 5th and they only pay out the first 4 :grimacing:


Done a win lucky 15 again

So far had 2 placed second and one winner. Can’t believe the first 2 didn’t win


A bit late but 2 w and 2 pl with 1 to go…
Appeared in last.


Sats pick 7. Last race is a bit of a dilemma.Thomas Hobson is running again but with different jockey…

Your Pick 7
Race 1: 14:30 Royal Ascot
16 September 11/10

Race 2: 15:05 Royal Ascot
6 Khairaat 4/1

Race 3: 15:20 Newmarket
3 Ghadaayer 5/2

Race 4: 15:40 Royal Ascot
6 Dartmouth15/8

Race 5: 16:20 Royal Ascot
14 The Tin Man 11/2(on Hayley Turners advice)

Race 6: 17:00 Royal Ascot
3 Buckstay 14/1

Race 7: 17:35 Royal Ascot
12 Qewy 11/2 ( W Buick riding swayed my choice)…



@Luca_from_Italy I just made £21 from betting against your country :slight_smile: