The Betting Thread


Posted a few losers on here :slight_smile:


Every true gambler is ashamed of their betting history report within their account.


I would. That’s still a good profit.


No way you have to let it ride now OG otherwise why cover the bet today.


I know…but as gamblers you should be able to understand the mental torture I am going through right now lol. I want to cash out! But I will let it ride. Or maybe not!..yes I will!! :coq::bellerin::campbell::facepalm::gabriel::sanchez2::henry::gunnersaurus:


i’ve placed about 6 bets in the last 3 years so i probably shouldn’t be listened to anyway. :smile:


Yeh I quit a number of years ago too as it was becoming a much too expensive vice. Though if I was in your shoes I’d certainly let that ride, but that’s just because I’m not a gigantic pussy.

No peer pressure bru.


had some decent over £100 wins in the last few months but I really need to learn when to and when not to cash out because I’ve lost money doing that




Lol! Pissed…


What sort of retard bets like that!?


Alexis one goal behind Lukaku who we play.

Very good chance of it happening


good to see you don’t bet 50p anymore :wink:


Why would someone do that. That’ll teach the twat :joy:


The amount he bet was even massively cuntish. That 2.79 was going to bring in not even 12p instead of just round the bet to an even hundred.


I’d imagine it was one of those things where you start with a certain amount like a hundred quid and each week you place a “sure thing” and then continue placing your original stake plus the small incremental wins each week until it eventually builds into decent amount.

You have these social media accounts that ask you to pay to be let into their little club where they share their absolutely cast iron, 100% guaranteed tips with you. I think this is what the above account was doing.


I’m sure you’re right. But it’s still cuntish :slight_smile:


And also just goes to show theres no banker in footy bets!


Unless you bet on Arsenal not to win the title.


william hill
Arsenal @ 4/9
Arsenal v Everton - 90 Minutes

Draw @ 13/2
Liverpool v Middlesbrough - 90 Minutes

Watford @ 8/1
Watford v Man City - 90 Minutes

Treble 1 Bet
Win @ 96.5/1