The Academy Awards (Oscars)

Nominations are out…

Seen a few this time. Toni Erdmann, A Man Named Ove, Hacksaw Ridge & The Lobster.

You’re back!!!

Nice to see that Sweden today isn’t represented by Jan Troell and Ingmar Bergman, but rather, Hannes Holm and A Man Named Ove :cry:

did you like the film?

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So so. Didn’t think it was Oscar worthy…And it won’t be. All the buzz is around Erdmann.

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The lobster is weird as fuck but absolutely brilliant.

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To be honest though, I actually haven’t seen it, so I wouldn’t call you out or anything if you did actually like the film. I’m just extremely skeptical of it for a number of reasons. Hannes Holm being ungrateful and complaining about never receiving enough credit for his “genius”, doesn’t help. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I haven’t seen any of these yet. Very much would like to see Toni Erdmann and Moonlight. Wil also make sure to watch Elle and Manchester By the Sea.

I’ll probably skip the rest. :slight_smile:

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Na, by ‘so so’ I genuinely meant so so. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t awful. Kind of made me feel like it should be a TV film and not one nominated for an Oscar.

I’ve had Manchester By The Sea on my HDD for a couple days but not yet tried it.

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0 fucks given about any of it.


The only one I’ve seen on the Best Picture list is Arrival. That’s was average. And on Rotten Tomatoes it scores second highest. Doesn’t bode well. Like @giner I couldn’t care less about this. Except that I hope Mel Gibson wins, slips, and accidentally buggers himself with his Oscar, only to find out it was a mistake and he hadn’t won at all. That would be good.

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What a cock-up. :arteta:

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It was great! How did they let the acceptance speech go on for so long? Surely someone should have realised straight away!

Ryan Gosling found it hilarious. Any excuse to post a picture of him… :heart_eyes:


Seems massively contrived to me tbh.

** conspiracy alert **

Has this happened before? It’s so coincedental it’s happened when a ‘black’ movie wins after last years controversy.

Some people are so cynical :roll_eyes:

Emma Stone won the best actress Oscar while Isabelle Huppert was also in the race. :arteta:
That’s like giving Antoine Griezmann the Balon d’or over Lionel Messi.

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Anyone seen Fences or Lion? Recommended?

Extremely ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Or like giving Cristiano Ronaldo the Balon d’Or over Lionel Messi… :santi2:

That comparison might be a little harsh on Emma Stone, though, so I can see why you went with Griezmann. :wink:

The Shape of Water… 13 academy award nominations :scream: Guillermo del Toro strikes again.

Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri 9
Dunkirk has 8
Blade Runner 2049 5
Call me By Your Name 4

I really wanna see Three Billboards

Anyone seen it?

They forgot:

Best Madness:

Arsene Wenger and Sven Milesat

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