The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Messi is already the GOAT. All the World Cup wub does is put him even further ahead of the rest of the pack.


It’s actually Ospina’s fault that Chile didn’t qualify for the World Cup you know. His numptiness gave Peru the point they needed to finish about Chile. He single-handedly (literally) ruined Chile’s chances. Odds on Sanchez two-footing him back at London Colney?


Sad times for Alexis. On a team he doesn’t want to be and doesn’t even have his national team as his salvation. :frowning:

Meanwhile the U.S., imagine being the richest nation in the world, about 50 to 60 (100?) times the size of Panama and Costa Rica, and not being able to qualify from that group.

@LFS-forward enhorabuena hombre!!!

Glad for Panama, much rather have them in the world cup than the annoying U.S. fans who flock in packs thinking that this is the only time football is played, chanting USA-USA and otherwise being obnoxious Americans abroad.


I want that as well but there are neutrals who think Messi needs a world cup title to be considered GOAT.

If someone doesn’t think Messi is a GOAT already (and he is not affiliated to Manchester United, Real Madrid, Portugal or Brazil), that person has never adored the game well enough to appreciate the genius of Messi.


Really surprised that Chile didn’t manage to qualify. Bit of a fall from grace for them considering their form since 2014. Plus of course Sanchez gets a summer off the season we lose him :joy:


Messi is already the GOAT. He’s consitantly done the business for a decade in the sport’s most pinnacle period. Not playing down greats of the past, but the game these days is full of top athletes and not beer guzzlers. He doesn’t need to win the world cup to prove that, although it would be the icing on the cake no doubt.


Yeah but cretins will hold the fact that Higuain is a soft mongrel against him forever unless he wins the WC unfortunately.

All because Ronaldo frauded his way to a Euro win


Not winning the world cup is not what hes judged on, but he has not performed to his full ability in a couple of world cups now. Dont see why people are not allowed to hold that view tbh.


Fuck you usmnt. Go Croatia.


If you hired Bruce Arena to “replace” Klinsmann, how good the U.S. team could be?

It is easy to say they need an overhaul. Klinsmann brought them a new concept, recruited young players from overseas and injected them new mentality. Because of a few bad results and some players did not like micro-management (eg. diet), USMNT fired him.
What kind of overhaul they can do?


'Murica were fun to watch in the last WC. Shame they’re not going to Russia.


winning mentality, raise a statue of the boy!


Puto Ospina cabron. Sell him in january :wink:


I love that :laughing: fair play to them!


Sigh at least with our current immigration by 2026 well have a few black players. Jorge Wea and Drogwea incoming.


^ WTF? :joy:


Wc is fun in America when we are involved too. Even the most casual sports fan is paying attention. It’s good for the sport.


We need an overhaul at the top. Klinsmann was axed because he favored the European players and the Us Fed and MLS are tied together financially. We’re going to be bad for awhile because the Fed is funneling the best young players to MLS instead of to Europe.


Gulati should be the first get axed, not Klinsi.

I still could not forget how U.S. did in the 2014 WC. That team had fire, spirit, energy, and most importantly they had belief.
They tied Belgium for 90 minutes in the round of 16 and just lost it in overtime… that kind of performance, determination, was one of the best in the past couple of decades… that kind of U.S. football, even they got knocked out in the round of 16, was already much better than those stupid Gold Cups, CONCACAF, and other “local/regional” results that the Americans are proud of.

Klinsi looked for younger, better players in Europe, and encouraged players to play abroad, but Gulati/USMNT want the players to come back. Fuck them.


Not to mention that the MLS needs to move to a schedule that matches every other league in the world. Sorry Canada, get retractable roof stadiums. It’s a serious disadvantage imo.