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Ash Barty retiring as world no 1 and 25 years of age comes across as rather strange.

Maybe King Kyrgios saying how more people tune into his matches made her lose all motivation.

Yeah, just read about that. Very strange indeed. Her press conference would reveal more on the reasons behind her decision hopefully.

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Since she’s left the game before it doesn’t seem like Tennis is everything to her and despite being a surprise I get not wanting to continue the gruelling schedule and lifestyle of a top tier athlete if you are no longer all in. You can’t half ass something like that.

She’s made plenty of money and achieved a lot, would have been nice to see her win all the slams though.

Good luck to her in her next chapter.

Quitting while your ahead, some athletes should take note although 25 is very young

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She could always join the forum with more free time on her hands.


She said she is physically spent and has nothing else to give. She wants to pursue other dreams. Fair enough I guess - no point continuing something so gruelling if your heart just isn’t in it anymore.


She’s living my dream of being a 25 year old retiree.


She’ll be bored and back next year.


Alcaraz wins first masters 1000 at the age of 18 and is now up to no 11 in the world.

Kid is well placed to dominate for the next decade.

Is he good?

Unreal mate.


Generational talent. young dude is built different.

So rare to see such a young player with such a well rounded game and he’s mentally tough too, apart from the serve his game doesn’t really have a stand out weakness.


Yeah and you’d think by the age of 21 the serve will naturally be much stronger than it is currently.

Definitely, has so much time on his side only limiter may be his height because he’s listed at 6’1 but he’s definitely under 6’0 more like 5’11

At this rate the question is who is going to challenge him in the years to come because after watching him cook in these tournaments it’s easy to see he’s the next big thing in tennis he’s putting similar talents like Shapovalov to shame

Barring something like unforseen injury he’s a future #1 and multiple slam winner, his game is that good and has multiple layers. He’s a phenomenal athlete, great off both wings, excellent at the net and he has a quality return of serve in addition to the mental toughness.

18 and he’s already a demon on the court lol, he’s about to hoover up all of Nadal and Federer’s fans when they’re done.

I want to see him against a match fit Djokovic on a hard court because that’s the ultimate test for me.


This is going to run and run

People still going about this lol :sleeping:

Its his choice who gives a fuck

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I thought politics and sport shouldn’t mix

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Indeed. They’re allowed to play at the French Open, but Wimbledon said no.

Johnson still trying to act like he gives a fuck