Ted Drake

Overdue a thread really given he is our joint 5th record goal scorer with 139.

I bet some people didn’t know this and obviously new threads are the only way for people to learn about our history.

Also played some cricket.


139 goals in 184 games. Phenomenal.

Also, is that a white away kit we’re wearing back in the 1930s?


Look at the opponents. It’s a sign.



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Wow, I thought that was just a recent thing. I thought the one we have now and the one back in 08 were the only ones we’d had.

Not a patch Davor Suker tbf

You know we’re shit when the most popular threads are history threads

Holds the club record for most goals in a season 44.

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Would have scored more too but his career was halted due to ww2, wut a boss I’ve been asking for a Ted Drake smiley for ages but ya know we clearly can’t have nice things around here.


Surprised the Mods have allowed this without having kittens :heart:

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