Tariq Lamptey

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The question should be, would Tariq Lamptey be the right player for Arsenal? It’s a no from me :smirk:


Don’t let @Darkseid see this :eyes:


Why are you guys hatnig on my boy Lamptey? Very few RB prospects in the PL better than him if at all.

Him and Tierney on both flanks would be bananas.


i agree.
Most of our good attacking play comes from the left and there is a very good reason for this.
If we had a RB that was as dynamic and effective as Tierney, then we really would have a more balanced attack that would be a lot less predictable and harder to defend against.


If we had Lamptey, we still wouldn’t have a RB who was as dynamic and effective as Tierney though


But he would at least be better than what we have and we wouldn’t be so one sided.

How so? He’s the better athlete and his crossing ability is very good indeed. Not his fault Brighton players can’t finish their dinner.

Considering his age how is he not a good potential signing for us?

If we’re paying £40-50m for a RB then surely he has to be better than just being better than Bellerin?!:grin:

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Lamptey hasn’t even played a game for them this year, has he? I’ll wait until he is back from injury, see if I’m unfairly judging him.

Right back talent pool at the moment is abysmal. I feel like we’re going to get absolutely rinsed no matter who we go for.


He is really impressive in possession and would make a great right wing back but I’d be really worried about whether a 5 foot 5 inch player can handle the RB position defensively in a four man backline. The RB needs to be the primary defender at the back post on crosses coming in from the defensive left and there’s really no scheming around that responsibility. The premier league is already a big crossing league in general and I worry teams will just target him relentlessly if he is played in that role. I can’t really think of any other Premier League fullbacks that short who were successful in four man defenses.

Yep, I want Milan to get a backup for Calabria (though kalulu isn’t doing too bad) and I can’t think of anyone, even serie a is a desert.

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What’s Hakimi like? He seemed fire for BvB but it seems like he’s transitioning more into a right mid. He’s a name that would excite me but I must be honest I haven’t watched him in an age.

I don’t think he is actually making an transition, but the way that Conte set it up he is more a midfielder indeed. In that particular system his job is going forward and be an outlet for the midfielders or forwards, keep width etc. I wouldn’t judge him on his defending at Inter, because that is more an after thought for him in my opinion. In most cases Skriniar and Brozovic cover his spaces…


@SDGooner covered it perfectly.

He’s a great wing back, but in a back 4 Calabria is the obvious choice.

Would prefer a more rounded player like a Hakimi or Reece James but Lamptey can be devastating too. His pace is unreal.

And we wouldn’t have to be if we…


We have unreal RBs in the youfs

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Right until the devastating ACL injury

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I like his name.