Takuma Asano



What ever happened to Ryo Myachi?




Joined 2016

Appearances: 0

Thanks for the memories Takuma


We should really stop making these signings


Wenger is gone, i doubt we will make this kind of signings again.

I think he is the only coach that now a days is so patient to wait years and years for not so young players to develop and bring them back or ship them out.


I don’t think we should, I have no issue with these signings as long we’re also making the right ones in terms of the first team.

People always call out for signing younger unknown players that may turn into something special but the reality is you may need to go through a good deal of undesirables until you stumble on players of genuine class.


Hannover club for Takuma so soon?



Just a loan lads. He’s not left yet hah


Fuck him. He’s not getting back in to the players section. Joel Campbell is next.


Love the ruthlesness @shamrockgooner.

Keep it going :grinning:


haha ruthless. :joy: