Takehiro Tomiyasu (18)

Bet it’s that calf again for Tomiyasu.

Fresneda / a backup RB looking more of a crucial target everytime Tomi plays tbh.

I’m not surprised. Man’s legs ended up in different postcodes.


Out for the season you’d have to imagine

Time to move him on in the summer I think. Get BNC training with the first team

FFS, if we sold everyone when a fan said “time to move him on” we wouldn’t have a squad.


Dude, his legs are made of paper. Like it or not, we’re gonna need bodies next season with the league and Champions League. He won’t be reliable enough

Has turned into an unreliable squad player sadly.

Might have to let him go.

Doubt he moves while injured, however, we were already looking at fullbacks before, hos fitness makes it more of a priority.


Anyone would be out injured after that.

Out for the season

Somewhere Trincao is smirking

Sadly we really have to find a new alternative for White for the next season. Hasn’t done anything useful for more than a year now, after that brilliant first half of the first season. Except for that Liverpool game.

Love the guy, but he’s only been a number in this squad this season, WHEN he was available.

I’d probably rethink selling Tierney depending on the extent of Tomiyasu’s injury.

Fuck, poor guy.

He looked so good for us last season as well.


With only the Premier League to focus on now (10 games left), we may get away with this one.

Hopefully history repeats itself, I remember when Robert Pires was injured around March 2002 and see what happened then.

Hmmm, So you mean to say Arsenal will be invincibles at the end of the season?

We won the title in 2002 and Invincibles was 03/04