Swansea City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


At The Liberty Stadium, Saturday January 14th 15:00

Looks like we actually have a slightly better record away, but yeah they’ve definitely been a thorn in our side since being promoted back into the PL. Still they are in disaray on their third manager since the start of the season. This really should be our easiest win in months, but with that Xhaka/Ramsey partnership who knows…



  • Swansea win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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This should be a walk in the park given how shit they are but we will probably make it difficult for ourselves. 3-2 Arsenal.


Considering our injuries and the fact they have just changed their manager, that’s really tricky. Hopefully Ozil is back.


Anything fewer than 12 from Swansea, Watford (home), Burnley (home) and Hull (home) and surely you’d agree we’ll be facing the prospect of Astra Googoo next season. Based on a more troubling injury picture and how we’ve performed against the other top sides this season.

Let’s hope at least a few of these are nice routine wins with early goals, also if we start playing before the 45th minute that would be cool too. We need to bully these teams and I will call them ‘easy’ fixtures for a change, before Chelsea come along.


Hope Ozil will be back for this.

Easy 3 points surely.


The Jacks seem to be our achilles heel, we should however win this only because they are playing worse than us, but saying that who knows I would be surprised if we draw this I hope not. This could be our team…

Bellerin - Gabriel - Mustafi - Monreal
Ramsey - Xhaka
Lucas - Ozil - Alexis

I really hope Lucas gets to start but I have a feeling he will start Iwobi and bring on Lucas as a sub.


This should be a win by a couple of goals. Would be tragic if they took points off us even when sitting in relegation zone.


Classic Aussie.


That was the score when we played them at home though. Surely at the Liberty Stadium Swansea will get at least a draw :wink:

I’ve actually got high hopes for this one. I mean, Swansea conceded 4 at home to West Ham on Boxing Day for Christ’s sake. Anything less than a comfortable win will be disappointing.


This has bukakke written all over it. Straight up humiliation from us, taking it in turns to splurge goals absolutely everywhere :giroud2::sanchez2:

I don’t care too much about the line up, we play who we have available and should be beating Swansea comfortably. Welbeck cameo goal is already written.


3-1 to The Arsenal


I’m never confident when playing Southampton or Swansea because they’re always our bogey team.

Add to that the fact that we’re the number one go to team when a club in shite form needs a boost and a turnaround and I’m less than confident.

Let’s just hope Swanseas overwhelming shitness is enough to scupper their chances against us.


Classic Arsenal.


I’d be surprised if Swansea bother to turn up. Walk in the park.

Shit. Hope I haven’t ruined the teamtalk.


Oh fuck! That’s worse than @GunnerGirl :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s Swansea’s first game at home with a new manager, who have just won their first game, away at Crystal Palace.
I’m going for a score draw.


4-0 should be comfortable


Who knows we could be 3-0 up in 15 mins or 30 nil down with 20 mins to play ! I havent a scoobie !


I don’t think Swansea will beat us by that many.


And isn’t that why supporting Arsenal is such a ball? :grin: