Sven Mislintat


Didn’t read about Malcom so yes, replace Welbeck with him, then our attack would be:

Mhki Ozil Malcom

Auba (Lacazette)



Fuck… so much Sven…

Yes, I believe he is doing a great job… but still, his job is to recruit and find players for us… not manager :stuck_out_tongue:



Earlier this year, it was reported that Mislintat is also the co-founder of Matchmetrics, a German start-up that, according to the company’s website, provides “the most sophisticated big data analytics in professional football.”


Guess Wenger still analyze our target by watching them on TV.


“Sven’s Summer MADNESSSSS”

Coming Summer 2018


Pfft what a load o crap. this window is all Wenger and if can’t see that then your trolling. Even wouldn’t exist if not for The God of Football Arsene.


So who actually was the genius behind the gems that were unearthed at Dortmund, Sven or Watzke?


I doubt Watzke was highly involved in scouting/recruitment. You probably mean Zorc.


Either way, this Sven seems like a fraud. Signed mavro through a scout at Dortmund, and other players are just from Dortmund.

I guess we shall wait and see.


Give him at least this transfer window to prove himself.


No thanks, I’ll judge him in May.

And he has judged to be a scruffy fraud


Wouldn’t be surprised if he is a fraud, if it’s true that he, Gazidis, and the fat Catalan all voted for the same shit manager.


Sven MislinFRAUD

Sven FRAUDlintat

Fraud Mislintat

Fraud Fraud

Bernd Leno (19)

This is something that happened at BVB too; Kagawa, Sahin and Gotze were all brought back. Not that he was solely responsible for transfers there. Aubameyang I’ve been wanting to see in the Arsenal shirt for years and like I asked in the other thread; how involved was he in the Sanchez <> Mkhitaryan swap? Which wasn’t a bad swap anyway. I only find this Sokratis transfer suspect.


The problem lies well in before the arrival of Sven.

Recruitment is the core of a football club; since signing Sanchez, these have been our recruitment. Not one player for me stands out as a successful signing on the level of Samir Nasri, Song or RVP:

Arsenal’s first team signings since we signed Alexis Sanchez summer 2014:

El Neny


Either the club is all about getting back into the CL ASAP via Europa by just signing experienced players or he just isn’t someone that will be unearthing gems.

He can’t really get credit for signing Dembele either because he was one of the hottest properties in Europe, judging from the players we’re being linked with he’s currently at a D grade for this window.



I like the last one.

@Darkseid Sokratis and Leno really giving me an antiBoner tbh


Atm we only know about Lichtensteiner and potentially Sokratis, no?

To be honest, shoring up RB and getting potential starter CB for total of 20 million isn’t horrible, but what I am hearing here about Sokratis doesn’t make me excited… seems like we might as well go for Johnny Evans for less and he serves more/less the same stop-gap purpose for a decent-enough (I hope) defender.

I guess Sven must’ve seen more in him during their time together to feel he could still be a starter for a couple of years for us… big worry is that we are down Koss and Moose is total fail, so we are left with Holding, Chambers, and Mavro (we have too many not quite ready and none solid, definitive starter at a position where you normally have 2 rocks).


What the fuck were the expectations of you all?


people stop and think a bit before jumping on the fraud bandwagon. If sven scouted them he knows what their qualities are, he is probably thinking (even if they dont look so great at the moment) that Emery will be the manager to get them playing great again. Look at how Kagawa plays for dortmund but under a different coach at manu he looked shit moved back to dortmund and looked great again. Same can happen with any player if the scout knows these players well and knows of their quality then he will know if the new coach can get them back to their best or not. Give the new players a bit of a chance before destroying them FFS, the EPL and any league is littered with players bought for peantus or deemed to be shit are pretty damn good and vice versa the big name that is a surefire winner that is garbage for the club he signs for.