Sutton United vs Arsenal (FA Cup)


Sutton United vs Arsenal
Mon 20th Feb 19.55
Borough Sports Ground
FA Cup / LIVE on BBC

Right… A couple of weeks ago I was really looking forward to this. Now? Not so sure…
We’ll probably have a similar squad compared to the Southampton tie, with Alexis on the bench. Personally I’d start Mesut Ozil for this one, could give him some confidence if he grabs a goal or assist. Welbeck simply HAS to start up front.

Prediction? 3-0 Arsenal. I think they will work really hard in the opening 20 minutes, then tire a bit towards the end of the first half when we will score. Then we’ll score another one early 2nd half, with Alexis scoring a third later on.

Don’t fuck this up, Arsenal.


  • Sutton United win, yep.
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Who fucking knows?

Literally anything could happen and it wouldn’t surprise me.


Wenger will put out a second team who haven’t been playing in the recent dismal performances.

We’ll win this easily.

I’ll go 4-0, or more.


Uncomfortable with any game away to minnows in the cup. Clubs history littered with shock results over the years.
After this weeks events its even more uncomfortable.
Need to be the biggest flat track bully we can be and hammer them.
Think we will but need to be professional and dictate the pace.
Do that and it could be a 5 0 win. Club needs this and fans are owed it.
Save our season ffs.


They can score 44 goals and I still won’t forgive them for what they did on Wednesday!

This kind of game is more our level so we’ll probably win easily enough but I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost and I wouldn’t care either.


Fully expect a comfortable win even without Alexis and one or two others. I expect a strong side and a 5 to 6 nil win. But let’s not cod around it’s not going to make up for results in the league or CL, plus I fully expect us to be out once we face a top 6 side in the FA Cup. No messing about with resting players play the strongest side even Ozil and get the job done.

I just Can’t imagine even if we play bad we can lose this. But knowing this lot of bottlers anything possible I guess.


1-3 I reckon, with Sutton doing themselves proud. I hope Wenger goes for some youth to give us some hope for the future after we’re all so depressed with the present. Rather people started talking about how bright Willock is than just how shit Wenger is.

Willock Jeff Theo
Xhaka Elneny
FuckKnows Gabriel Holding AMN

Hopefully we keep the ball so we won’t need loads of running about from Xhaka and Elneny and enough stars to make it a memorable occasion for the Sutton players. Maybe AMN in midfield if Jenkos fit (no idea tbh)


Play fucking Welbeck and fucking Lucas, FFS!




Debuchy or Jenkinson on the right, trio on midfield with Xhaka, AMN and Adelaide and Lucas, Welbeck and Giroud on upfront.


Let’s not beat about the bush, we’ll win this and win it comfortably, all joking aside.

I think if we didn’t it would be hard to overlook it as the single biggest upset in British football history, given the now absurd disparity between the haves and the have nots.

We could play the game in a swamp ffs and the whole cliche about it “being a leveller” still shouldn’t apply.

So yes while it probably won’t be 0-6 - because to rack up those scorelines required a certain type of ruthless attitude on behalf of the dominant side that we lack - anyone thinking Sutton will win this one needs to have a word with themselves.

It should be utterly one sided with plenty of goals for The Arsenal in the latter stages of the 2nd half if we actually want them. That said I’m looking forward to seeing what Sutton can do


We should be picking our best 11 considering we don’t play for 2 weeks after this game and the 2nd leg vs Bayern is irrelevant.


Decent behind the scenes look of the Sutton stadium. (Yeah, yeah AFTV, I know :gunnersaurus: )

I love how old school and simple this ground is, really hits home what a highly unusual tie this is, should be a great night :smiley:


Normally I’m all about squad rotation, but can’t see how anyone can disagree with this, in light of A) time to the next game and B) having already lost the tie to Bayern.

Sanchez wants to play every game, get him out there at Sutton. He’ll never forget the experience at least.

Of course I’m being naive and Wenger is of course on a hiding to nothing: he can’t throw the home game vs Bayern without getting obliterated by the press, whereas vs Sutton he’ll ring the changes and risk more in the competition we actually still can win


Sutton pitch, especially under the rain, looks not good. I hope about a mix of B team plus Adelaide, Martinez and Niles.


What are we saving our key players for ? :joy:


Seems like this cup is the only way he starts Lucas and Welbeck :roll_eyes:

Looking forward to it. Should be a special match! COYG






Play the first team with the additions of Maitland-Niles and JRA.