Super Mik Godteta :arteta2:

And that’s discounting the potential extra time. :eyes:

Came here to say just this.
I didn’t enjoy a single Europa league match this season and can’t recall any entertaining Europa league fixture for quite some time now.

It is still a trophy and we fucked our chances against a lesser club yet again.

Isn’t that the nature of the competition though?

You essentially play teams where you’re expected to win and absolutely clowned should you lose. Hell it feels like a distant memory but even for CL group stages were an absolute fucking bore. I used to place -2, -3 handicap bets on us back in the day because we’d walk through the groups with such ease.

It’s a little more refined and condensed now but European football has always been a bit of a bloated mess.

The knockouts are where it’s all at from an entertainment point of view. And that COVID reform of having them as a one and done at a neutral venue was a simple evolution we should have kept

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It’s a nightmare effort in 5 Europa League attempts in the last 6 seasons we couldn’t win it once.

The last 3 exits in particular to Olympiacos, Villarreal and Sporting under Arteta have been really poor.

Our European pedigree as a club on the whole is just shithouse tbh…

Anyways on a positive note after the international break we’ll have…

10 x PL games

City potentially have

11 x PL
5 x CL
2 x FA cup


If this were Pool you’d be saying they’re on for the treble haha


They’ve got a good chance, hopefully they fall short in the league, don’t give a rats arse if they win the other 2.


Do they though? How many true quads or trebs do you remember in your life time?

United’s is the only one for me. It’s why I don’t worry when they talk about the league leaders going undefeated in a season. It’s not an easy task

United 99

Do we count Liverpool 2001 ?

City when they did the domestic cup + league treble ?

Didn’t even clock a city treble is still on the cards.

Fucks sake, hopefully pundits and oppo fans haven’t spent all season saying the league is shit to discredit arsenal only for it be a city treble winning season.

This isn’t given the credence it deserves

I’m talking about the true treb though.

So we have United.

It’s of course subjective but if it’s not the EPL, the CL, and FA Cup it’s not the real treble.

Would you disagree?

I tend to agree yes.

It’s actually a little insane we can be all talking about how Haaland limits their play and the manager spent too much time jerking off to Pretty Woman, and they could still do an actual treble.

They won’t, but they could.

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When is his pre match presser for the Palace game ?

He’s done it already

What did he say about Saliba ?

I don’t know. I never follow them hah

They probably did it post-Sporting, it’s embargoed. Should release around 22:30.

Another Barclays Manager of The Month.

10/10 in March