Super Mik Godteta

I meant Carragher, NOT you, pal.

Come on Mikel, make some substitutions.

No need to play Saka, Rice, Odegaard etc into the ground when we’re 5-0 up with half an hour to go

Good man Arteta


Said it before but the way he encourages the team to take revenge on teams that beat us, especially the ones that were costly is so lovely to see.

Dude is relentless. That’s the boss that gave him a career that he just embarrassed and made his job safety even more uncertain.


Arteta’s done wonders for the club, given the complete shit show we were in 2019/2020.

Would love for him to win both the UCL + EPL at least twice with this current crop.

Quality manager.


So is Havertz gonna stay up top now hopefully?

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Trossard played up top today

When you look at Manchester United how they are STILL finding their identity since Fergie retired; you have to appreciate how quickly we have found a manager that has given us a purpose, identity and hope.


My manager


I WILL NOT like this picture!

Great job rotating the team yesterday

It’s amazing that Chelsea and Man U have spent more than a billion each on world class players, as well as several managers, yet they’re drifting around mid table but there are still pundits that play down what Arteta has done, while instead drooling over Guardiola buying trophies.

Arteta’s reaction when teams attempt to break us down this season:

This midfield never loses the ball


Crazy to think they were that young in the 1930s when that photo was clearly taken.


Manager of THE ARSENAL

Manager of Barcelona

Manager of…city

The dude in behind should do better

Well done Teta

The adjustment made during the break has worked and goals have come


If we win this game, Arteta breaks a record! Definitely the right man to take us forward, even if we win nothing again this season

Only for an eventual slip for people to start telling how he’s novice and he’s ruining the team, lol.


Pretty much. Fickle fans innit

Spot on, offensive capacity will be key to winning the title.

Shame City and Liverpool seems to be heating up offensively too

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