Super Mik Arteta

A JJBull special

Tune :joy:

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Fuck me, what a room.

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Another club that could turn his head in a few seasons time

You’d like to think he’d stay far away from that snake pit.


Not while he has a project at Arsenal…I can genuinely see him building a legacy at Arsenal!

Yeah, love this guy. Super Mik Arteta

The project is at a crucial stage now cause we have done everything but win trophies. There is no legacy without trophies. We just have to start winning stuff next season.

Crucial summer (seems like we say this every year) coming up for the club. Have to get things absolutely right. Have to win something big next season or else players will start looking elsewhere, and eventually Mikel might as well.

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Had to beg Xavi to stay because nobody else wants to come into that hell.

Terribly run club spunking cash on big expensive flops.

Had a nice purple patch with the best player of all time and some other all-time greats.

Now back to solid 2nd behind RM and slightly above the likes of Valencia, Atletico.

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Have you heard the news? Xavi may not stay after all. :rofl:

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Barca are setting new standards for how professional clubs should be run.

A fellow connoisseur


Anyone who doesn’t think that is one of the greatest films ever made, should be taken out back and shot for herecy :slight_smile:

Also one of the best OST’s for a film.


Absolutely one of the best films ever made.

Everything about it is excellent.


I think I watched it once, I remember the “are you not entertained” scene and that’s it.

Didn’t touch me as a movie back then.

Maybe I should rewatch it?

It’s fine.

I think Barca suffers from poor coaching more than anything else. They’ve been 0/3 since Valverde.

The job isn’t bad at all, and certainly much better circumstance in terms of playing squad compared to Arsenal in 2019. Then again the Barca press and senior management are very unappealing.

I can see Arteta going from Silent Stan to Loud mouth Laporta

Gladiator concurs.


Arsenal 2019 structure is far more appealing than the broke shit show that is Barcelona, with the boardroom stuff though

Arteta has more control than Xavi has, which is why Xavi is pissed now also.

Didn’t they win the league last season? Or is this about something else?

I think its coaches? Setien/Koeman/Xavi