Super Mik Arteta

But if Arteta has already seen two games this season where he thought he should have taken Ramsdale off, then perhaps he shouldn’t have picked him in the first place.

The GK is completely different to any other player and relies a lot on confidence so replacing a GK during a game puts both under pressure, so unless there is a good reason, it seems an unnecessarily risky thing to do.

It’s pretty clear that Arteta has reservations about Ramsdale so hauling him off during a game is not going to boost his confidence.

It was last season - I expect against Liverpool (2-2) and Southampton (3-3)

No it is not in this season, it is in his whole career.

This is what I love about managers like Pep, Arteta and Wenger. They don’t stick to norms and try to use everything at their disposal to win football matches.

Just because goalkeepers are not traditionally substituted, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be.

Arteta might be on to something here and if it works, the rest of the league and world football will follow suit in the next decade.

Its quite simple really squad depth actually being utilised correctly. The aim is to win at all costs and everyone has to fight for their place. No ifs buts or arguments - you either buy into the philosophy of everyone together (so its not a personal thing) or your gone. Everyone fighting for a position just naturally elevates everyones game.

I think Mikel doesn’t get enough credit for assembling such a brilliant squad where most of the players are around 25 and competitive enough to compete against the best in world.

He has his odd moments but for a young manager who is relatively new to the field, this is a humongous achievement. He is assembling a squad to compete for years not one or two seasons.


Credit to the Kroenkes Also.
They (finally) invested heavily on the team, and paved the way for our potential success for the next few years.


Out of the 20 players we rely on most, 19 are signed through at least 2026 and most either 2027 or 2028.

The only really big things we need to do in the market in the coming windows IMO are a replacement for Partey as backup DM and a top level striker or versatile forward that will be a big improvement on Eddie or Nelson. Everything else is small details at the fringes of the squad.

It’s going to be a really exciting 3-5 years, starting now.


If we sign Toney in January, then all we need is the Partey replacement for the next few years; if Timber can fully recovered.


They called him a mad man. :arteta4:

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Arteta had the right idea just the wrong execution. Nobody is getting intimidated by the sound of YNWA.

Overengineered today’s second half lineup and paid for it


Not really his fault that Rice got injured.

And I think the Jesus substitution was moreso fitness management after returning from his injury.

I think as far he’s concerned, he coached a comfortable win and we pretty much gifted them two goals.


Wonder if Jesus sub was due to fitness cos Eddie should have gone off otherwise.

Seems Rice and Vieira went off due to injuries so hard to criticise there.

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Btw, seeing how leggy we looked in the end. It’s now showing the effects of CL football.

Boys had a nice night at Eindhoven and perhaps overspent themselves seeing as everyone wanted to get on the scoresheet on the day.

Interesting to see what team he goes for against Brentford. You pretty much have to heavy on rotation.

White, Saka, Odegaard should not see the field at all ideally.

I’m pretty sure it was spurs who scored the own goal and conceded the penalty.

Romero doesn’t make the handball there then White is celebrating the second goal.

On that note btw, how the fuck did the twat not get a card for it.

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Not true…I haven’t looked too closely at the images, but I think it’s Maddison that flicks the ball on to Romero’s arm. There’s another Spurs player lurking on the line too

The angle from behind the goal showed that was going in. The Spurs player was never getting on it unless he handballed it himself.

I tried to look for the clip but all I saw was United fans chirping about their handball shout ffs

Will revisit later