Super Mario potentially available


Worth a punt or not?




If he is around 10m, not a risky move and go get him. He is no worse than Giroud.


Thought this was gonna be Balotelli, was going to be HELL TO THE FUCK NO!! Not sure about Gomez, don’t see him adding anything for us, another slow striker that likely will hinder attacking at pace.


@Persona right now


Yep, also thought this was going to be Balotelli, who to be fair is finally a worthy successor to Ade Akinbiyi as the “panic buy” striker.


The twist is that Gomez was the mastermind behind the coup attempt.


I fear that this will be our deadline day fate.


He’s leaving just for @Persona :ozil2:


I thought this was going to be the plumber.


I’d have him here.




We need a striker to be our future for the next 5 years, but we also need a striker to be Welbeck for the next 9 months. Wouldn’t mind him at all on a 1 year deal.


I actually wouldn’t mind cashing in on Giroud and signing Gomez as his direct replacement whilst also bringing in a new first choice striker.


Does anyone know why he had a dry spell at Fiorentina? Is Turkey making him look better than he is?

With the market the way it is, cheap punts on Gomez, Tevez or RVP make sense.


He was injured most of his first season there and on and off in the second. Also not sure if he’d really be ok with playing back-up for us and if he’s be so much of an upgrade on Giroud (at least in terms of how we play).


Given how clinical he is you wonder if he’d bench Giroud, or at least be rotated and brought on when we’re chasing a goal


His style of play just didn’t suit the Serie A but I have a feeling he’d be successful in England since his style of play works well out here.


Not sure if he’d really bench Giroud. Gomez is mostly a poacher, that will have most of the game happen around him. I think there’s a fair chance that we’d trade overall playing fluency for better chance conversion. Not that I’m trying to hold Giroud to a high standard here, but if we were to get more out of our other positions I’d still pick him.

As a pure plan B Gomez would probably be a success though, but that comes down to his willingness of actually wanting to sit on the bench most of the time.


The issue I have with Giroud is that despite all the talk of fluidity of play with him in the team - we don’t actually play particularly attractive football anymore. Chance creation has never been an issue but when your lone striker spends so much time with his back to goal and focusing on flicks and lay offs more than actually hitting the back of the net - that’s the big problem.