Summer Transfers Thread


that isnt much for a top prospect

no it fucking isnt no way near close.




These players must be sold no question: Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Mkhi

At this stage I doubt we even flog one of them tbh. Emery and Sanllehi have to step up this summer


Intrigued to see how ballsy Sanllehi is this summer in regards to contracts and who the propose to sell. Would love to see us managing to command decent fees for players in the market for a change.


If it was Chelsea they would fork over 100 mil for that bunch.


What I will say about Sanllehi is I like what I’ve seen and heard so far.

Better question for me is Emery going to be like Wenger in retaining too much faith in the squad or will he be ruthless in trimming the fat after a season?


Xhaka is the only one that will attract a steady amount of interest given the wage situation IMO.


We should be looking at at least one of these two, another assist for Aarons today. Ideally this summer we’re going to need at least one new RB and ideally a new LB too having binned Kolasinac

We really need quality depth and competition at full back to accomdate Emery’s tactics, many interesting players out there to consider at cheap prices


Twitter is raving about Aarons and ITKs have said we’ve got interest, even since the Wenger days.

But apparently that bald cunt Guardiola doesn’t have enough FBs and City are interested.

He definitely sounds like the kind of player we should be after.


I like Max Aarons a lot, definitely some talent in this country that can be sourced to help with our need to do shrewd business.

Another off-field suggestion I like Lascelles too if we can’t find anyone fancy, he’s a leader also a attribute we could really do with more at the back. Liverpool business has come from clubs down the lower end of the premier league from players the likes of Robertson, Wijnaldum, Mane.


Ryan Sessegnon-esque?


Sessegnon should be on our radar, let’s hope for some relegation clause of some sort


Unless he signed a new deal this season, I see no chance. Even if he has, I wouldn’t bank on it


Yeah that’s some forward thinking from his agent to include a if we get promoted then relegated release clause.

Actually it sounds pretty plausible :mustafi:


40-50 mil. raid for Nandez-Pavon duo please…


What’s good is that it’s still February and people have about another three months of losing their shit over stuff before the window starts and we can properly lose our shit.


We will not complete the overhaul of our squad in the summer - this project is going to take 3 or 4 windows. If we get CL football we may be able to make quicker progress, but we are not going to be able to sell all of these players and bring in replacements.

The only player IMO out of the 4 you listed that will be moved on in the summer is Mustafi - he will need to make way for a new CB in the summer which should be treated as our transfer priority.

We then need to replace Ramsey in the centre of midfield. If we signed Rabiot on a free we may then be able to afford to strengthen in other positions.

The next two positions, in order of priority is a RB to provide competition for Bellerín (Lichtsteiner needs to be moved on) and a top quality winger. Mkhi is still decent and does a job on the wing for us, Iwobi is still young and has shown a lot of improvement this season, and Nelson will return from loan.

Unless a top LB or a long term LB target became available in the summer I can’t see us buying a new LB. Kolasinac is only 25 so we shouldn’t write him off and Monreal is still under contract (we activated a 1 year extension to his deal in January). I don’t expect we would extend his contract any further so it is more likely we would wait until Summer 2020.

In addition to the priority areas above, assuming you agree with these, then we wouldn’t have the funds to bring in replacements for Xhaka, Mkhi or Kolasinac until Summer 2020.


Would be a brilliant buy and solve our LB position for years


Definitely a player that’s ready for the step up in level.

We should be all over it if we have the oppurtunity.


100% agree with this.

We won’t be having a mass exodus of players. Ramsey and Welbeck are off. Ozil is still a question mark. I dont think Litch can play another season surely. Elneny is likely off.

With all of that I can see most of our other players staying.